Apollo Nida Calls Peter Thomas From Prison


During the Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale Apollo Nida called his friend Peter Thomas while the cameras were rolling to give an update on how he is doing at FMC Lexington Prison.

Cynthia Bailey asks Apollo how he is holding up. “I’m holdin’ for the most part,” he says. “I still haven’t seen my children, but you know, I’m holding up.”

In her interview, Cynthia says, “Oh my god. Apollo’s calling Peter from prison. Although I feel bad for him because he’s been locked up for six weeks, last time Apollo’s name came up I ended up being in a big chocolate mess.”

Meanwhile, Phaedra is baking cookies with her sons at home. She reveals, “I’m not sure when we will visit Apollo because Kentucky is not a hop skip and a jump away from Atlanta. These facilities have rules for children. I had to call the warden to see when an infant would even be welcomed into the prison. So it’s not like we can just go.”

Back to Apollo’s conversation with Peter, he tells Thomas, “My brother has been up here four times to see me and she won’t let him get the kids to bring them. I need to see my children.”

Watch the show highlight below.

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19 Replies to “Apollo Nida Calls Peter Thomas From Prison”

  1. ahhhhr you bought up Apollos name and started on Phaedra Cynthia about bs chocolate rumours don’t act like this was all some misunderstanding.. You knew exactly what you were doing .. Peter and Cynthia should mind their own business and stop trying to get a storyline .. Sad saps!!

    1. I agree. I think Cynthia and Peter are acting like dispicabe people, to interfere in Phaedras situation. Who told them or why would they think bringing to little baby boys to a prison is a good thing? I would never do something like that. Apollo is not a victim.

      1. Apollo is a bad guy. That’s why he is in prison. Why are Peter and Cynthia looking down their noses at Phaedra for not wanting him in her children’s life. What could he add to their lives? Teach them how to go to strip clubs and throw stolen money around at the lap dancers? Yeah it would be a shame if they missed out on that. He shouldn’t even want his young children to see him in prison. It would be traumatic.

  2. Seriously, like THAT whole scene wasn’t a set up by Peter/Apollo/Cynthia…. Pathetic…Transparent…Desperate

    1. Peter and Cynthia DESPERATELY need to stay on RHOA- because Peter keeps driving every business he owns into foreclosure. Then he just opens another one behind Cynthia’s back – with Cynthia’s money. Eventually the Bank of Cynthia will be bankrupt. Then he’ll leave her dumb a** for a younger woman who he can scam.

  3. Oh Boo Hoo Apollo- maybe you shoud off nought about your kids before committing FELONIES. You knew the consequences- you did it before. Phaedra lives hundreds of miles away and has the RESPONSIBILITY of raising the sons YOU left behind because of your recklessness. She works two jobs and is a single mom- her world doesn’t revolve around your feelings.

  4. Peter is the worst housewife across any any franchise, he’s so desperate for a peach.

    I like how in RHOBH they dropped the husbands from the reunion, if they are there for little bit and chime in that’s fine, or even like Ken last year he had a genuine issue with Brandi it got a fair amount of airtime but it seemed genuine.
    This loser is just stirring any old crap to get himself some screen time.

    1. sidewinder- two agreements ( I agreed with another of your posts on another thread) in ONE DAY? O.M.G. Could this be happening…? 🙂

  5. And NeeNee called him what last year ??? He can’t keep his mouth shut. Come on Peter – grow up !!!! Both you and Cynthia had nothing to give this year other then opening your mouth when is wasn’t needed.

  6. After all the lies Apollo told (broke the law & broke up his family); he has no one to blame but himself. It does seem odd that Apollo is calling Peter. Why would Peter get involved in something that is clearly not his business. It’s odd that we saw Peter with an ex-househusband in a business venture together. Wonder who the
    partner is for Peter’s Brew? I thought he was suppose to be concentrating on reopening Bar One.Weird that Cynthia knew nothing about it.

  7. Cynthia I used to think you had class but you have proven me wrong. I understand your efforts to remain relevant in the show but why degrade yourself? Look for your talents and put a zipper on “Patricia’s”, I mean Peter’s mouth.

  8. I can’t stand Peter. Why Cynthia has put up with it is beyond me; I have totally lost respect for her. Peter had no right to tell Apollo anything. Apollo is a crook & to see Peter & Cynthia take his side makes me sick. I wonder how long it will take before “Peter’s Brew” fails & loses Cynthia even more money because of him & his idiotic “business” ventures. Peter is nothing but a loser who talks a big game but has no play at all.

  9. What a nauseating couple, they deserve each other. Why was “Petra” (Peter) telling Apollo that Phaedra was filing for divorce?! None of his bloody business. As for hypocritical Cynthia, she could not wait to bring back false news to her friends & then tell it to Phadra with all her friends present about the ficticious Mr. Choclate. Now she is giving thought to the consequences if she spoke to Apollo ?! Who is she kidding? And, why would Apollo even entertain the thought of his 2 young boys being subjected to a prison visit? He should’ve considered all of that before doing what he did. agree totally with Phaedra’s decision. Peter & Cynthia should work on bettering themselves, that should occupy them for a long time to come. 2 very rotten, gone bad eggs.

  10. Peter and Cynthia…what a duo! Peter desires Claudia and Cynthia is holding on dearly to her Peter. Everything Peter touches dissolves. That’s what happens to haters.

  11. Cynthia trash box, you put yourself into your own “Chocolate mess”. NO ONE forced you to hot foot it over to your other trash boxy friends & then to hurt Phaedra the way you did. You did this with malice, spite & with the exact intent you planned it to be. Both you & your husband are no good to anyone & especially to your sick selves.

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