Apollo Nida Apologizes To His Sons For His Poor Choices


During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida sat down with his two sons Ayden and Dylan to talk about his looming prison sentence. Nida is currently serving an 8-year jail sentence in a Kentucky penitentiary for bank fraud and identity theft.

Ayden tells Apollo that he feels “bad” about his father going away because he wants Apollo “to come back right now.” Ayden, who is four, tells his dad that he will “come to visit” and that he will “stay there forever” with him.

“I’ve been trying to adjust to the reality that I might not be able to see my children,” Nida says. “And it’s a difficult pill to swallow. It’s almost like I feel helpless. It’s almost like I’m in prison, but I’m not in prison.”

Nina tells his son, “I want you to know that I love you and I will always be here for you okay? I’ll be here for you and Dylan.”

“To Ayden and Dylan, I’m sorry this happened,” Apollo says in his interview. “I’m sorry that I’ve put myself in a position to be taken away from you, but it’s not forever. I’ll be home soon and hopefully you can come see me.”

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6 Replies to “Apollo Nida Apologizes To His Sons For His Poor Choices”

  1. How about “sorry I’m I didn’t wanna work to earn my keep. So I stole from others. Learn from me my children stay right away from me and do the exact opposite to what I’ve done in life”

    I feel bad that those kids because they only know love from him I’m sure. But he isn’t a good person he hasn’t learnt a thing from his time in the joint and he won’t learn this time either. They are better off without him. IMO!

  2. That part made me really sad for those cute little boys. If only Apollo had thought of them before he had done the things he did. Clearly they love their daddy- what a tragedy.

  3. Wonder if Apollo is hoping for the same type of pending income and fame he will receive, following in the shawdow of Teresa Giudice. Maybe Faktra should take advantage and have her sweet little boys capitalize on this too, just like Gia is doing with her song…btw, poor Gia needs to really use that auto-tune.

    Poor sweet little boys. They are way too cute–now THESE sweet boys I would love to see more of, not Gia, or Malaria.

  4. Why would anyone want to have this play out in public? Those poor kids will one day be able to find and watch all of this mess. Not like it can be erased form the www. Kids should not be allowed to be used in this manner. Who knows what the long term ramifications will be. Ask many child stars. They had many issues growing up after being in the public eye as children. This is 100% avoidable.

    1. Very valid point. I wonder if Phaedra only allowed it to show her boys later that Apollo did have some modem of care and concern for them, and that he did, in his own way try to address the situation. Who knows if Apollo will will actually be there in a meaningful way in eight years? Who knows if those boys will be receptive to him any more? What a tangled mess.

  5. Apollo, how are u “going to always be there” for ur kids if ur behind bars for 8 yrs?? U gonna save them from something over a timed recorded phone call? And “I’ll be home soon” is a lie, last I checked 8 yrs is a long time. Apollo had a healthy family, huge home, expensive cars, on a TV show, and still wasn’t satisfied enough so he comitted crimes to get more more more. Now look, you’ll come out in 8 yrs, divorced, broke & homeless, and ur kids won’t know u. Classic case of someone who had it all but still wasn’t satisfied.

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