Andy Cohen On Why Yolanda and David Foster’s Marriage Ended


Andy Cohen is sharing his thoughts on RHOBH star Yolanda Foster’s divorce from her husband David. During a recent episode of his show Watch What Happens Live, Cohen gave an interesting analogy as to why he believe the marriage ended.

“I wasn’t surprised because, you know, in every relationship, there’s a flower and there’s a gardener… and I think maybe he thought he was the flower in that relationship and she was the gardener, and she was taking care of her lemon tree, which was David Foster. And maybe she became the flower because she was sick and needed to be taken care of and also she was getting famous because of the show.”

It sounds like Andy is saying that Foster’s Lyme disease is one of the reasons for the divorce. Do you agree?

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34 Replies to “Andy Cohen On Why Yolanda and David Foster’s Marriage Ended”

  1. How cute! I think in my relationship I’m the gardener and my husband is the weed!! Oh no! Better perhaps a great big thorny prickly blackberry bush! One I need to chop down to size every now and again!!!

    1. I would like for Andy to garden my flower…but he´s not into flowers, he´s into gardening bananas and aubergines…oh well

  2. Aren’t women always the ‘gardener’ in every marriage ;). Every man wants to marry his mother , in the sense of finding a wife who will take care of him and tend to his needs LOL

    1. It goes both ways…some women want to marry their dads who will drive them around, take them shopping and even spank them…saying that EVERY man want to marry his other is absurd…it´s like saying that EVERY woman want to marry the husband´s money, or his social status

  3. Apparently David Foster contracted the chronic illness that many of the HW’s husbands sufferer from, “Wife Popularity Envy and Bastard-ides.” With all of his talents and accomplishments, David Foster can now compete against Ramona’s husband Mario and LuAnn’s husband the Count for the title of most narcissistic old bastard.

    1. Not really…David Foster is a widely-known musical producer, he has worked with a lot of stars such as Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Andrea Bocell, Whitney Houston, he has been nominated to several awards Yolanda was not that famous until she came into the show

      1. Was it 27 or 37 Grammy’s on his piano at that dinner party? I will look and see. I believe he has an Emmy also, and a Tony would round it out or is it the other way around, I should google it but either way he is a musical genius, there is no doubt about that.

  4. I am the flower, and I have a few gardeners…now back to Yolanda, I think her Lyme´s played a big part, but all the drama she created around it, including the colonics also helped a lot

    1. I second that. I think the fact that he wasn’t willing to play into her pity party anymore is a large reason as to why she walked away.

  5. I agree. You could see it. He married someone whose job was to be pretty and worship him and it wasn’t quite working out that way.

  6. Well, seems to me that he isn’t one to stick around for any length of time if you look at his track record. She’s probably going to be much better off without him and maybe Yo? Maybe take a break from men for about 10 years and get your head screwed on straight. And marry a normal Joe. Stop with the gold-digging. You’ve done it twice and it hasn’t worked out that well for you. Maybe (sarcasm ahead) she should marry her colonic machine? She seems to really love it and a) it won’t leave her; b) won’t cheat on her; c) is always happy to be next to her during her pity parties and d) is happy to stay in her shadow.

  7. oh yeah so spot have no idea what happens in relationships when one former healthy partner becomes sick. pity party. lyme disease is beyond life changing. many spouse walk away.
    if being vibrant is one of the qualities you married and the person becomes like a 100 year old. well that spells the end.
    so just accept you are a very uneducated judgmental person. k

    1. Good morning Mogoo. Sorry to burst your angry, judgemental bubble, but I have a husband with cancer and know all about sticking it out during rough patches. Spouses who walk away are weak, self-centered and Godless. If you marry someone and actually (HARK) take those vows seriously, you don’t run away when the other person isn’t exactly the same as the day you married them. And P.S. Lyme disease is a PIECE OF CAKE compared to cancer so I have zero empathy for that attention-seeking Yo and her colonic machine. I do, however, have empathy for you for being so juvenile and writhing in anger.

      1. Gigicat, I’m sorry, she picked the wrong person with you! Most here know about your husband how is he? Will he have another round this month? Xoxoxoxo

    1. So true! Yolanda liked the lifestyle David’s money provided and acted very show-offy and arrogant about his wealth. Her first husband is very unattractive but also very wealthy……with a secret sex room in his house…ewwwww. Now that Yo is beyond wife trophy age, she may have to go it alone. It was so awful what she did to her kids on camera, talking about her will, making them think she was going to die… cruel and sick. No children, when Mommy gets all hot and sweaty it’s called menopause and leaky boob syndrome. Menopause is not fatal! Snap out of it Yo and think of someone else for a change! So you are no longer a trophy wife! Yo you are still very pretty and rich and can live a good live if only you weren’t so jealous of your daughters. David always seemed so full of himself, what’s the loss? Now you can eat THREE whole almonds… A feast for sure.

  8. Yolanda hangs on every accomplishment of her husband and her children to feed her massive ego. To sit down before a surgery and talk about death to her children was an abusive attempt to validate herself at the expense of her children. She is hiding behind her illness -which if we were privy to the truth- most likely was breaking down before the Lyme event. Yolanda has to have that facade of accomplishing a perfect life. She is otherwise, shallow and manipulative. She is way too clingy. David apparently has been turned off by her over the term of their short marriage. She is not behaving like the “trophy wife” he requires to validate his own ego.

  9. I completely agree with Andy. When the going got rough, David ran. Although Tuesday’s night’s episode with the implant removal, showed him worried & loving & she, Yolanda, heart breakingly crying. Very sad & again, so confusing. If there’s so much love still there, why the divorce?

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