Andy Cohen Weighs In On RHOA Reunion and Phaedra Parks

After the epic four-part Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Andy Cohen is weighing in on what happened with Phaedra Parks and how she was fired after. When the reunion was over, it was clear that Parks’ co-star’s had no desire to film with her anymore after it was revealed that she’d told a story about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s alleged plans to date rape Porsha Williams. Andy spoke about Phaedra’s firing to E! News.

“The question that we look at now with Phaedra is, when the reunion ended, none of the other women wanted to have anything to do with her. So that’s what you have to look at,” he said. “How do you shoot a show about a group of friends when no one is speaking to one of the friends?”

As for Parks’ claims that it was a producer who told her the information about Kandi and Todd? Another Housewife veteran is calling BS.

“I’ve been doing this for 10 years. I actually, sadly, consider myself to be a veteran. The producers do not make you do these things at all,” Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel said. “The producers don’t know exactly what’s going on, so they might say, ‘Are you going to talk to Kandi about this?’ They don’t know. They would never do that. It would be a massive problem. This isn’t The Hills, it’s real. It really is. So yeah, no, that would never happen.”

Do you think Phaedra should have been fired?

Should Phaedra Parks Have Been Fired?

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24 Replies to “Andy Cohen Weighs In On RHOA Reunion and Phaedra Parks”

  1. How silly of Andy to make the comment that if ‘none of the momen want to be filmed, then..’
    If that was the case then Vickie LiarFace of OC shsuld have been gone after Cancergate exposed.

    My guess is real reason Faketra got fired was due to legal liability by Bravo for the slanderous behavior in which they may be part of and could be a big legal battle in court.

  2. Pheadra is a scoundrel and she would blame her kids if she could. She’s is way up there with Vicki in my opinion . Glad she’s gone , so doesn’t matter what any of her defenders say , she’s gone

    1. I am glad she is gone as well. I do feel sorry for the two little boys the most. Having poor examples as parents is the worst. I know Phaedra loves the boys, but has she no idea what her actions are doing to these boys and their futures. If she wants to raise strong men, she is a poor example, and why did she hook up with a con in the first place? Is that an example for these boys.
      Granted he has the looks, but that should not be all, especially for an educated woman from a respectable family. She is an embarrassment to all of her family, and it sickens me that she could throw it all away and be such a terrible excuse of a woman in general, and a professional at that. She is Trouble with a capital T. Honestly, Phaedra seems evil to the core. She is the poisonous pit in that peach. (Yes, peach pits are poisonous)
      When I think of those boys having Phaedra be their mom, I think of them learning how to be a hypocrite, yet, I do feel she loves them in her own way, but why did this woman fall so far from the tree of her pastor parents? Did she feel immune by using the bible to somehow undo her evil ways? Did she feel she was better and somehow above everyone else? Why? She is a lawyer no one should want to go to, and she loves to embalm bodies and reap the profits from elaborate parties for the deceased. Well, she is smart enough to learn things, but why isn’t she smart enough to be a better person. She is no one’s friend, and yes, she should be gone from this show. I hope never to see her again, honestly.

      1. Excellent post Sandy
        Who knows what happened with Pheadra . Just another ‘religious’ person who thinks that quoting the Bible somehow gives you permission for atrocious behavior.

        I do feel badly for the kids but it’s Apollo and Pheadra that are ultimately responsible for how those kids turn up

      1. Miss M ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. What exactly do you miss there? Is it the emojis?
            I just wondered. I always liked this site and was never thrilled with Disqus myself,

          2. Also, if you want some of the others to recognize you, perhaps keeping one name/handle or something close to it will help.
            You are Jane, Jane Bond, Miss Moneypenny, Baker Chick, Miss M, right?
            Maybe I am wrong? Are we all supposed to know you? I think it is you, but I am not sire, myself.
            I like all of the names, I even like the Divine Miss M, though I always liked Bette Midler. 😉

  3. I call bull on this one….There have been other housewives that have been badly isolated by the other ladies, and the next season they were kept when Bravo allowed them a new cast member as an alliance..AKA..Vickie/Kelly. Bravo wanted Phaedra gone and I can’t blame them, but the part about it being on dependent on the other housewives doesn’t seem like a valid point to me.

    1. ITA Freedom Girl! This became a liability isssue that possibly involved laws suits so they got rid of her
      Nice to see you again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hi Rain, I have been keeping up with reading when I can, but I’ve had a hard time trying to post from my computer so it’s been a while. Nice to see you as well:) Yes, I agree about the liability. Brandy created the law suit issue with Adrienne, and it was Adrienne that was gone the next season. The season that Brandy slapped LVP, she was gone next Andy also claimed the reason Jill was gone was because the viewers didn’t like her, but yet people like Kenya are kept every year. The bottom line…It’s not about whether the fans hate you (because that makes for high ratings), it’s not about the other housewives hating you (because that makes for good story lines), the bottom line is, don’t piss of Bravo or the entertainment company:)

        1. All great points 🙂 …. yes this illusion that Bravo cares what fans want is just ridiculous. Otherwise , Rinna would be gone LOL
          I’m glad to see you back ❤️

  4. I’m happy for Phaedra that she’s gone. To be in a position where you’re black listed can never be pleasant. I’m a forgiving kind of person. We all have good & we all have bad in us. In my world, it’s important to do our best to improve our bad & turn it into good
    If the other women were all good, I would understand, but none are, so for me, there’s that.

  5. I believe the Producer Story! It’s all about the ratings and money, and they will use them as pawns if convenient. Her ignorance was taking the lie and running with it!

  6. I thought Andy was way out of line when he called Todd Marvin. That was uncalled for, and really, it really made Andy look like a poor excuse of a man, going with this hearsay and taking sides. It wasn’t funny, and Todd was not happy. I cannot stand Andy really.

  7. I’ve watched & re-watched the 4 part RHOA to see if I’d missed anything & yes, I had. Here’s what I noted. Porsha is just as guilty as Phaedra as she was the carrier of the bad news with intent to help slander Kandi. Yes, I am a Roman Catholic & a full believer in the Bible. Phaedra is very guilty of bearing false witness against Kandi. She seemed to apologize over & over, maybe just to redeem herself. It was wrong, it was bad, it was inexcusable. Unforgivable? I dont think so. We all do wrong, she is no different & if she has learnt from this grave mistake, I will not judge.
    Kandi is no innocent. She was very upset that Phaedra sought help for Johnnie more than anything else before she heard the worst. Infact, Phaedra did not accept the case, rather she conferred with associates to see if in fact Johnnie had a case based on what he told her. Why would she think he was lying after all the times Kandi & her evil mother did her wrong?!
    If what Johnnie said holds truth, then Kandi is guilty of defrauding a worker of his wages which prevents him the ability to provide the basic needs for him & his family.
    Again, as I said about Phaedra, the same applies to Kandi, it was wrong, it was bad, it was inexcusable, unforgivable? if, like I said about Phaedra, she has learnt something from her wrong doings, then all is forgivable.
    If both turn a blind eye to their mistakes, then & only then, will I throw them out with the trash. It’s up to them to undo the wrongs they have done. That’s my take on it.

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