Andy Cohen Wants To Save RHONY


Andy Cohen is on a mission to save The Real Housewives of New York City after another failed season. “After Andy was pushed out of his executive role at Bravo he took a back seat on ‘Housewives’ and focused on his own show,” a network insider tells Confidenti@l via the NY Daily News.

Insiders reveal that Bravo is begging him to return to the struggling franchise, and that he has already been calling on a few of the ladies to talk about their future. However, none of the cast has been officially confirmed yet.

Cohen reportedly met privately with Carole Radziwill and LuAnn de Lesseps about their future on the show.

“LuAnn is back for sure,” another source claims. “They are now negotiating her fee. Last season The Countess was paid a day rate every time she filmed as a ‘friend’ on the show. Plus, she got a bonus if her scene made it into the series.”

“Carole is also safe,” the insider continues. “She is a dear friend of Andy’s and has formed a genuine friendship with Heather Thomson. This is what the show is looking for. They want genuine relationships and drama, and want to stay away from anything the ladies ‘stage’ to make good TV… such as throwing an artificial leg.”

“Ramona is the heart of the show and will be welcomed back if she agrees that her marriage troubles be part of her deal,” a friend close to Ramona reveals. “At the reunion, Ramona shut down any questions of her doomed marriage. She will not be able to do that if she returns.”

“It is the end of the road for Aviva. She has not been told anything officially, but has been told if she wants to start looking for other TV opportunities, it is fine with Bravo,” a network exec reveals.

A rep for Bravo said: “Andy Cohen continues in his role as an active Executive Producer on ‘The Real Housewives’ series, including ‘The Real Housewives of New York City. ‘He was not pushed out of Bravo. He transitioned voluntarily out of his development role last January in order to focus on hosting and producing his five night a week live talk show, his “The Real Housewives” production responsibilities, and other host duties for Bravo including reunion shows, as well as launching his own production shingle, “Most Talkative.”

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25 Replies to “Andy Cohen Wants To Save RHONY”

  1. They need to get the socialite or mega-business women theme back
    instead of women who are trying to be actresses. That’s why Ramona, Sonja,
    and Countess LuAnn save the show and we need more women like them!

  2. I’ve watched RHONY from the start but it’s clear Andy needs to take a step back and think strategically. He ruined the show at the end of seasons 3 + 4 by letting personal relationships (i.e. Jill and Bethenny) get the better of his duties. For example, building Bethenny as the saint and Jill as the evil devil when he needed them both to be liked – If he hadn’t ruined Jill the way he did, RHONY would have survived without the need of a cast axe. He clearly only thought about Bethenny and her spin-off and lost sight of Jill being a flagship cast member on one of the networks main shows at the time.

    The production team on RHONY are terrible. STOP editing things to look like something that never happened (i.e. Luann leaving with Harry – what really happened would have been just as interesting to watch). Perhaps they should offer Evolution Media (RHOBH + RHOC) the gig instead, if Shed Media can’t get it together. The finale was an absolute shambles of an episode, as a long-term RHONY fan I was embarrassed for them. Whoever thought of the ‘team Sonja’ party needs to be fired. Even the transition slides between scenes aren’t that good, it’s NY, they could be great! The backing music needs to get sorted too. It isn’t good and rarely goes with the type of scene. The intro music needs changed to. It doesn’t stand out enough – think of Beverly Hills, Atlanta’s, Orange County’s & New Jerseys, they’re all very distinctive aren’t they?

    As far as casting, let’s stop confusing nice and likable people (i.e. Carole) as good Reality TV stars – Andy’s personal relationship with her should be irrelevant. I find Aviva as annoying as the next person but I can appreciate that she at least tries to bring the drama. They need to bring in some old cast members back. They definitely shouldn’t listen to the viewers at large, because all they care about is getting whoever is fighting with their fave off the show – that isn’t beneficial to the shows quality or ratings.

    What I think next season should be like (Potential housewives – but only have 6/7):
    -Jill Zarin (Jill should return. She’s had her time away and her ‘character’ has been rested. It’d definitely bring in the ratings. Imagine the scary island set up with Jill walking in again with her ‘hiiiiiii, I’m back’ shocking all the women – don’t let them know she’s coming back)
    -Bethenny Frankel (She was loved on housewives and she was great to watch. She had the brilliant zingers and clearly worked very hard. She’d probably do it because without RHONY on air, her popularity will take a hit, history shows us that. If not, she can always do some guest appearances as a favour for Andy. Her and Jill need to make up on air and then the show can move on with Jill, without the whole Bethenny situation shadowing it.)
    -Ramona Singer (She can show her divorce drama or she can go. I’d want her to stay though. If she plays it right with Bravo, she can land a lucrative deal and gain popularity by showing how bad Mario is).
    -Aviva (She’s crazy but she brings it. That wheelchair at the airport was hysterical. She rubs everyone the wrong way which is a bonus. She’s friends with Jill and knows Bethenny, this could be a legitimate way back into the cast group for her. I’d like her back full time if she can act more natural on camera, she overthinks how she will come across which is what makes her seem so staged and false. If she can’t then she can go as a ‘friend of’).
    -Kelly Bensimon (She was really good TV. After Bethenny left she became the voice of reason and got herself together for the most part. She brought the fashion world into RHONY too and I hope she can bring it back).
    -Heather Thomson (I’d like her back without Carole/Kristen. I want to see Heather for Heather, the cool first season Heather. Not the mean girl at the reunion and during the last season. I want to see her without her bff’s to see how she reacts because she is quite interesting and is ready for a rumble if need be. If she didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be too fussed)
    -Alex McCord (I like to see her back, but she said she wouldn’t but they could always try).
    -Sonja Morgan (If she can get herself off the hot mess express then she can come back. I want the Sonja back that first came on, not this tragic mess. If she can’t, she can be a ‘friend of’)
    -Luann De Lesseps (She has to come back in some form. I want her full-time but I love this part-time person Luann has been this season. If she can remain like she is this season then make her a housewife again! If not, demote her ass permanently.)
    -Kristen Taekman (I’d gladly see the back of her. She was a try hard and was obviously trying to upstage everyone and it just didn’t work. I don’t think she really fitted in that well with the cast either. Only ask her back if they need to fill a housewife space)
    -Carole Radziwill (She’s a dud. She needs to go. She can be a ‘friend of’ but that’s it. I like her blogs but she doesn’t bring much to the show, other than being an alright person. Demote her, unless they can get Yolanda Foster to move over to New York. Then she can maybe stay).
    Potential New Housewives:
    -Dina Lohan (She’d bring the drama. I don’t know if she’s loaded though, I don’t want a broke Momma on the show.)
    -Fran Drescher (If they got her, that would be amazing! She’s great and hysterical. She’s Aviva’s husbands first cousin so even if she only done a few scenes with her, that’d be great! Come on Bravo, asking never hurt anyone).
    2 New Housewives (The show would only survive this IF Bethenny, Jill, Ramona, & either Kelly, Aviva, or Luann, all came back. They would have to have links to the shows cast though.)

    A final change, for now, needs to be location and events. I understand that the housewives have been banned from loads of places and events, but that doesn’t excuse the poor places they go to. New York is full of cool and quirky places. There are plenty roof top and outdoor bar areas for parties and unique and themed restaurants – think along the lines of the Morroccan restaurant in BH season 3. There are plenty fashion shows they could attend that are upscale, big events, even if it isn’t Gucci or a VSM fashion event. Also, stop making pointless events like team Sonja parties. Have one the wives arrange a legit charity ball/gala with legit attendees if you have too. New York has so much potential, it’s being wasted by lazy production assistants. Tell the housewives the type of places you are looking for and get them to give you lists then go for permission to film. Cast vacations…Montana, the Berkshires, really Bravo? everyone else gets Bali, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and they get that. I know there’s a budget and all but RHONY trips always deliver on the drama for the investment. Send them to Singapore or Bora Bora or Athens, somewhere interesting.

    I think that’s all for now. LMAO. I just get annoyed when I see a show with potential being wasted.

    Bravo, feel free to contact me to be a consultant on the show lmao – get my email address from the website LOL.

    1. Yes, there’s been way too many changes with the cast. Alex McCord would be great to have back on the show and Jill as well maybe she and Ramona can become friends again.

    2. Totally agree. Only bringing back Jill Zarin, would save this show, and I’m not a fan, but I would watch if she returned. People love to hate her. This super boring cast isn’t working. I agree, Carole needs to go, Kristen tried too hard to start drama, Ramona is just annoying, and Sonya is in heat. I think you are onto something here. Sounds more interesting than the show itself, lol.

  3. Let carol go she is boring. Please let go aviva go all she does is talk about her leg–I understand that it was a huge trauma in her life, but she needs to move on.Bring back jill

  4. No absolutely get rid of sonja! She gotta go. Too much delusion there. She believes the things that come out of her mouth. At the reunion trying to throw shade at kristen and josh and heatther by sayin they know p diddy but he vacays on her yacht….but she doesnt have one! Lol How do u not see that u are humiliating yourself by the things you constantly say when folks know they arent true? That she stayed at their table at the races in saratoga…uhm no u didnt its on film. We saw u yet shes still arguing with the other ladies she did. Arguing with luann that she talked to her first before talking to the other ladies about lu leavin with harry. No u didnt u gossiped about lu first. Your “friend.” Those are just 3 of the 9 billion examples of why whatever comes out of her mouth i automatically believe the opposite is true.

    Ramona should go too. That would bring her and that enourmous ego of hers back down to earth. Teach her a lesson. Especially after this yr and the way she disrespected andy and how she handled the divorce discussions at the reunion claimin all is well only to announce like a week or 2 later on twitter of all places that shes filing for divorce. Really? I don’t get why these housewives don’t understand that if you are actually real about your life and honest thatvpeople will like you more and not trying to pretend that everything’s perfect and then we find out its not.

    Keep carole. A smart funny sexy accomplished person before coming to the show. Housewives need more people like carole!

    Same with heather.

    Bye aviva

    Bring back lu fulltime. Its crazy iwas never wild about her but i dont hate her either. I know she attracts alot or really negative responses but i really liked her this yr. Didnt find her unbearable or obnoxious at all.

  5. I liked Lu better this year also. I think it was because she wised up and got rid of her pompus
    attitude. But please do not bring back Jill. Could not take Alexe’s Simon and Kelly is just a

  6. @TAO, wow…I love everything you said! Thank you for putting it out there. I REALLY hope NY survives…they bursted on the scene & I was hooked. Come on Andy and Bravo, make this happen!

  7. Okay, I think Andy has to be risky to save this upcoming season of RHONY. Clearly, the viewership is down… they’re not tuning in because they’re not interested… and the show isn’t interesting as it once was… So, you have to grasp their attention again. How to do that?

    Well… bring back old cast members… the new season of RHONY promoting Jill Zarin back on will DEFINITELY catch the audience’s attention.

    Another way? Bring on someone NOTORIOUS to the cast… someone that people know and will WANT to watch… such as? Dina Lohan or Fran Drescher (like the user above said- great post btw!)

    Now, the only way Fran can come on to the show, would be to keep Aviva… because we need the connections to be AUTHENTIC which is what this whole re-cast & New Jersey’s re-cast was lacking. So, if we want Fran on as a full housewife, Aviva must stay on. If we want Dina Lohan as a new cast member, than Aviva must be demoted to a “Friend of” and maybe she will do a better job in that role as LuAnn did.

    Carole HAS TO BE OUT!!! Kristen HAS TO BE OUT!!!

    Keep Heather on. Bring back Jill. Bring on Dina or Fran(with Aviva)… Keep Ramona(IF AND ONLY IF she agrees to filming/speaking of her divorce), if she chooses NOT to- she should get demoted to a “Friend of” as well.

    LuAnn should get another chance to hold the apple… and I think Sonja should get another chance as well… if she can’t get back to the old Sonja she used to be, fire her or demote her for Season 8.

    If we can get Bethenny AND Jill back, that would be great… although I’m sure Jill would be thrilled and gladly accept… Bethenny wouldn’t come back without some serious convincing… but like the user above said… just a few scenes that Bethenny can film as a guest would bring in viewers just with the promos and seeing Bethenny in the trailer… Perhaps, she can do a “make up” scene with Jill on air… Just THAT episode would bring in ratings.

    ..ALSO, bring in some “FRIENDS” to stir shit up!!! RHOC, RHOA, RHONJ, RHOBH is full of them! (Fernanda, Sarah, Marlo, Mynique, Natalie, Kim G, Kim D, Penny, Jan, Jennifer, Brandi, Dana, Faye, Marisa)… all those shows brought in these bitches to stir shit up and so the cast could fight with them instead of each other… RHONY only had 2 “FRIENDS”.. one was LuAnn so she doesn’t count, and the other one was Jennifer Gilbert on Season 3 but she was boring as fuck.

    So, RHONY7:
    – Ramona Singer
    – LuAnn de Lesseps
    – Heather Thomson
    – Sonja Morgan
    – Aviva Drescher
    – Fran Drescher
    – Jill Zarin


    – Ramona Singer
    – LuAnn de Lesseps
    – Sonja Morgan
    – Heather Thomson
    – Jill Zarin
    – Dina Lohan
    Friend of the Housewives (Aviva Drescher)

  8. Great critique TOA. I’m just not a fan of any of these women or the original cast. I want richer, more fab, more beautiful, more interesting ladies who are actually true friends and frenimies. The only thing that will pull viewership next season with this cast is Ramona’s pathetic ordeal. I just cant. Def time for a new prod team and cast.

  9. I will not watch Aviva. She is THE reason for the loss of viewers to this franchise IMO. Her and her father are disgusting. I would cringe when either was in the scene. Her and her father RUINED a potentially great show. I want to see fabulous, strong, eccentric rich NY women having crazy adventures, attending fabulous events, and going on grand vacations. Aviva is none of these things and has way too many mental issues. Get her off the air or this show will never survive.

    1. Thank you well well well. Aviva was just plain weird! She would get ahold of something and just never, never, never let it go. And thinking drama was being dramatic about every little word someone used. Glad she is gone.

  10. I absolutely love Carole and Heather if they had some more fun business woman like them it would be great, I enjoyed LuAnn for the first time last season…I feel like I am watching a train wreck with Sonja and her old woman trying to pull in the young boy’s is just creepy to watch..Ramona maybe interesting to watch after her split with Mario..and Kristen I want to fall asleep just thinking about her whiny idiot bobble head was not a good fit!!!

  11. Getting rid of Jill was the best thing Andy did. People like TAO just who want to just keep replaying bad history, but I do agree with TAO’s excellent points about Shed Media–awful production company and for exactly the reasons she says– I bet many of you remember how the audience hated Jill. Remember how she had to play defense all through the reunion, peppered with audience accusations of her lying, her treachery, betrayal, deceit, and Jill just kept on lying. It’s over with Jill. I’m not the least bit interested in her crashingly boring dress business, or her nice but boring husband, her boring marriage, her boring life. Please! There are much better women in New York than the old former cast of RHONY it’s had it, it’s old. Kelly is a nitwit, Alex is good, but her husband is unbearable–and they come as a team-I don’t give a damn about Ramona and she’s certainly not the center of the show for me, or even the fringes. The divorce stuff might have been interesting, but they missed that boat and the ship has sailed. Sonja is a head case not in touch with reality in a very boring way. Don’t look to the past for the future. The past is dead and buried and rightly.

    1. Yeah. Jill made a huge mistake thinking the show was really all about her and her love and then hate for Bethenny. She totally was disloyal and when we see what looks like true, genuine friendships, then when something happens putting pressure on it the person’s real deep way of turning on someone alienates the fans. But Heather, never liked her. The princess, what’s her name, oh, Carole, trying to be relevant by showing her cougar side.

  12. I think they should keep Aviva. She’s crazy, but she makes the show interesting to watch. RHONY would be too boring without her.

    1. We must have different definitions of “interesting”. Someone being a bad actress and having a pig for a father is not what I consider interesting. I find the witty repartee between the other women interesting. Aviva is a delusional drama queen wannabe.

  13. As long as Aviva is not a part of the show I’ll give it a chance.and please keep Heather Andy. She’s funny, smart, strong and fearless.

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