Andy Cohen Wants to Confront Peggy Sulahian About Homophobic Allegations

After a new report came out claiming that new RHOC Star Peggy Sulahian is homophobic, we have learned that Sulahian may have to address the allegations on live television.

Peggy’s brother, Pol’ Atteu, told RadarOnline that she pushed him out of her life due to his homosexuality, openly gay Bravo host Andy Cohen decided he wanted to confront her about the accusations on WWHL.

“After Vicki [Gunvalson] told Andy what was happening, he immediately asked Peggy to come on the show and explain herself,” a source tells the site. “He wants to have a field day with this!”

However, Sulahian “did not answer his request yet,” the source said.

Sulahian’s brother Pol’ Atteu, who is a well-known celebrity fashion designer, confirmed that Peggy and her husband Diko tried to have him and fiancé Patrik Simpson thrown out of their own father’s funeral last year.

In addition, Atteu, Simpson and several close family members confirmed to the site that Sulahian did not tell her brother that their dad was dying until it was too late.

After the media backlash, “Peggy is devastated,” a source said. “She does not know what to do.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • SilverGlambert

    Bravo Andy, she signed up to be ‘real’ she needs to answer for herself and her cruel treatment towards her brother. I’m sure she will try to say it’s a cultural thing, but we know it’s a human issue.

    • Rain

      Yes yes yes !!! This homophobe needs to be fired

      • Dayle Hudson

        Yes she needs to be fired. I can’t stand her after her husband told her they were very late for an event she said it would be on her time to start

  • noladiva2013

    The new America. If your opinion or private family life differs from mine you must be confronted and called some kind of ‘phobe’??? Ridiculous. Whatever the case, it’s a private family matter so Andy needs to mind his business. We all have skeletons or issues within our families that should remain private. Who’s to say that just because the brother or others allege something it’s true? Perhaps one could consider the possibility that there are other issues between Peggy and her brother and their family that have nothing to do with his sexuality. Maybe rather than confront those issues, who’s to say the brother is just using his sexuality to deflect from the real issues at hand? I’m as liberal and progressive as they get, but i am also a strong advocate for the right of people to have their own opinions different from mine even if those opinions are unpleasant to some or the majority. It’s called tolerance. And respect for privacy. Andy sure as hell doesn’t reveal all of his family’s skeletons, secrets or issues so he should respect that in others.

    • Bhvnly

      Wow! ITA….

  • Cin

    there’s probably more to this story regarding her brother and it probably has nothing to do with being gay.

  • Goose

    other reports state that it may have to deal with scamming than his sexuality.
    but who the eff knows.
    now this situation is confusing and messy

  • AuntBee

    I don’t care what”the real story” is but not letting your brother know his father is dying and then refusing to let him into the funeral is very very wrong.

    • Dayle Hudson

      Well said.

    • Bhvnly

      But, is it true…do you know her side of the story!

  • Mizzy

    By hiding, she must feel she was wrong in some way so she should just own up to it and say they were and are ignorant due to traditions in her upbringing. She needs to own that she is embarrassed by it now. She’ll just make it worse if she tries to justify it.

  • cat62

    Is it true? Only she can say? Has anyone asked her directly?

  • cat62