Does Andy Cohen Want Danielle Staub Back On RHONJ?


The last time we saw Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub together they could barely be in the same room without security, now the two are rekindling a friendship thanks to yoga. That’s right, Teresa and Danielle did two yoga sessions last month together and shared the photos on social media that shocked RHONJ fans.

Now that everything seems to be all good between Teresa and Danielle, is there a chance that we could see them together again on the show? “I would certainly consider it,” Andy Cohen said in regards to one fan’s question about the possibility of Danielle being brought back to be a part of the RHONJ cast during the latest installment of Ask Andy. “We’ve talked about it almost every season.”

Andy was just as shocked about their reunion as we were. “I think I tweeted immediately, ‘Oh my God. Wowza.’ All that,” the Watch What Happens Live host said. “I texted Teresa and said, ‘Oh my God, has hell frozen over?’ She said, ‘You brought it up at the reunion and made me think about her.'”

Do you want to see Danielle Staub back on the show?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    No Staub but my vote doesn’t count because I don’t plan to watch any more of the horrible RH shows.

    • Real Sandy⛱

      I know what you mean, Bee. I cannot watch these shows. I was hoping to maybe watch BH, but with Kim there, etc…not sure. NJ sickens me. I quit a while back. More Below Deck please. I wish we had more episodes and shows like that and a place to chat about it here too! 😉

      • Real Sandy⛱

        Oh and I live in NJ, which is why RHONJ is even worse for me and unwatchable, so it is not the state itseld, but the franchise I dislike. Immensely.

      • Amy

        Yes yes yes Sandy !! More shows that are not so negative and filled with so much hatred

        • Real Sandy⛱

          ❤️ Wouldn’t it be nice. 🙂

  • GET out and VOTE TODAY!!!! Even if you hate the presidential candidates, don’t let that overshadow voting at all, especially for local questions.

    • Daisy

      I voted early . With these two I honestly feel like I made a deal with the devil

      • I know what you mean Daisy, but it was important to get out there and express your vote!! Good on you!!

  • One Rotten Egg

    I VOTE to never have Danielle or her thugs back, VOTE to impeach the entire NJ show altogether, and bring up new charges of “Lying under Oath” when Teresa said she took accountability.

    • Amy

      Totally ORE

  • sundayhare3

    I think that Teresa knows rating were the worst they have ever been. I don’t think Teresa is as stupid as she pretends and she knows it would probably be ratings booster. Sadly, I think these franchises have done all the damage to humanity they can….now it is time to say goodbye.

  • Lisa

    I love RHNJ but will not watch of Danielle comes back.

  • Princess of Strogonoff

    She more fun that all those women together

  • duffs

    I’d only watch Staub if Jacqueline was still on. I wish Melissa would go – she’s boring and Teresa has her trained now.

  • Jeff

    I don’t think Danielle is employable anywhere else. Therefore YES I do want to see her back. She may be whacky but she can still prosper IMO.