Andy Cohen Thinks President Donald Trump “Is Like a Season 1 Housewife”

Andy Cohen has never been shy when it comes to his political beliefs. We also know that Andy is not a fan of President Donald Trump. In a new interview, Cohen compared Trump to a season one Housewife.

Andy appeared on former presidential speechwriter Jon Lovett’s podcast: Lovett or Leave It.

Cohen said that the POTUS is “like a Season 1 Real Housewife who hasn’t figured out her hair and makeup.” Andy added, “But he will do or say anything to stay on this show. I’m amazed he’s still on the show. I would have fired him a long time ago.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


32 Replies to “Andy Cohen Thinks President Donald Trump “Is Like a Season 1 Housewife””

  1. eh, just another ‘celeb’ who thinks we care what they think…! They should all just zip it – do what you’re paid to do, entertain…

      1. thank you for the enlightenment – I totally forgot I’m not supposed to leave comments on a discussion/blog website. Oh, and I should only leave a comment that fits your needs. Is that snarky and sad enough response for ya…JS!
        And now…back to RHW. Have a nice day!

  2. And to think the candidate Andy voted for lost the General Election to DJT. What does that say about HRC? I think it says that she is the worst presidential candiate in history. I would also like to point out that it took Hillary several years to be for gay marriage, yet Donald Trump went into office saying it was “settled law”, but I digress. The candidate of his choice took a few years to evolve into that position. I am so glad Andy isn’t in charge of who gets to be hired or fired for President. It would be a disaster if the real world worked that way.

      1. We have a troll!!! All righty then. Hey, he likes to stir s*** so I am just throwing back in his face even if he does not read what people say on social media.

    1. Please note that he also went into office, and every single cabinet member he has appointed is anti-gay and started gutting legal protections for LGBT people from day one. Just like we all said he would. Don’t try to play that card with people who actually know what is going on. Some of us pay more attention to what he DOES than what he SAYS.

      1. He didn’t gut the legal protections for the LGBT community, he took the federal government out of it and threw back for the states to decide. How far is too far when the federal government interfers. If the government gets their hands in one area of yoru life they will do it in others as well. There will come a time when it happens to you; and you aint gonna like it when it happens.

              1. I never said the government is coming to get me. Never said that. You are putting words in my mouth. Sorry, our Presidentp is NOT a fasicst, that’s your paranoia kicking in.

              2. ChristopherM, There’s no reason to be snarky or call names except that you’re having an emotional response rather than calmly looking at the issues. And the larger issue is all the changes that Trump’s made to make life better for all of us: The economy is up, unemployment is down, and he’s protecting our interests internationally instead of doing things like, say, selling one sixth of all our uranium to Russia in exchange for more than $600,000 donated to Hillary. Calling anybody a Nazi should be reserved for actual Nazis or you diminish the strength of that word where it matters. BTW, “Nazi” stands for National SOCIALIST German Working Party. That’s as far from Conservativism as you can get.

        1. Who is EO???? The Supreme Court found that not allowing the LGBT community to marry was not constitutional. We are a country and should be united in basic laws and rights. The constitution is a living thing that expands as time goes on. It’s too bad that you are not able to accept equal rights for all. As far as Hillary goes, she had to not only fight a uniformed electorate, Russia and Berniebots and I should remind you that she won the popular vote by over 3 million. Trump one the electrol college by the way the districts have been drawn to allow conservatives and republicans to have an advantage. And Trump has been throwing a hissy because he knows he is not the majority of the country’s pick and that he used Russia and other ways to cheat. He’s an illigitimate president. Also did you agree with the Supreme Court when they installed George W Bush????

          1. EO = Executive Order. In this case I disagree with the US Supreme Court because the Constitution does not mention marriage anywhere. Years ago, the US Supreme Court also ruled that “a negro, whose ancestors were imported into [the U.S.], and sold as slaves”, whether enslaved or free, could not be an American citizen and therefore had no standing to sue in federal court. Look up the Dred Scott case. Doesn’t mean the SCOTUS are always right. The constitution is NOT a living breathing document. It takes an act of Congress to get an Amendment removed or added. You are forgetting about the wikileaks and how the Democratic Party was in the tank for Hillary. Let us not forget about the fact that Hillary got the questions to the debate before the debate ever happened. She had so much going for her. Elections have always been about the Electoral College not the Popular Vote we have had four examples of that happening before Trump. The founding fathers did that on purpose so the deciding factor wouldn’t be left up to a few cities to decide the election such as Los Angeles, and New York City. Do you know who and what else you left out to blame for Hilalry’s loss? Let me see, there was Comey, Obama, Jill Stein, the media (mainly the NY Times),Gullible Americans, sexism, white resentment, there was facebook, netflix, twitter, it was a whole bunch of things. She blamed everyone else but herself. Have you forgotten that Wis, Michigan and Pennsylvania usually go blue, that was her blue firewall and Trump went and broke through it. Please show me where in the Constitution the popular vote elects the President. Yes, I did agree with Supreme Court about putting Bush in. They recount was becoming a circus. Gore had his chance, he cherry picked the counties he wanted and when that didn’t produce the result he wanted he chose to do the whole state.

            1. You disagree with the SCOTUS, fine, you have your opinion but you don’t get to change the laws of the US. Our founding fathers would not have been able to predict the changes in the past 200 plus years so yes it is open ended and marriage equality is a right for all adults in this country. You did not say whether you approved of GW being installed as president but here is truth that many people have overlooked is that it is true if a partial recount in FL would not have won the election for Bush but there was a total recount in FL and Gore won!!!!! This recount was overseen by James Baker and Jimmy Carter. Look it up. Yes Wikileaks and Julian Assange were working for the Russians and yes the Russians posted ads and lies about Hillary. How about the lie that Hillary and Podesta were running a child pornography ring in a pizza shop???? Some moron went in and shut up that pizza shop. It didn’t get much play though. Jill Stein did a recount of Wisconsin and Michigan and found that Hillary would have won as there was rampant voter suppression. You know someone mostly a minority comes in with a common name like James Black, Robert Johnson and so on. The precinct looks up his name across the country and finds that there are so many James Blacks, Robert Johnson or whoever registered in other states so they give the voter a provisional vote where he thinks he has voted but they throw away that provisional ballot without the voter realizing this. This has been investigated and has been found totally correct. It’s been done for years but this time the Republicans decided to add some typical blue states.

              1. Excuse me that would be Gore won and also some moron last fall shot up a pizza shop looking for that child pornography ring. Hillary has suffered the most ridiculous lies and people buy it, they always have. They want to buy it. All these tricks doesn’t take away that she won the popular vote and won it by a large margin. This makes Trump more paranoid and creepy because he believes he should be adored by everyone.

          2. Hey, I responded to a subject already on the table. To call me a “nitwit” or imply I can’t follow logic, or call the president illegitimate because you don’t like him (not one Democrat will say the Russians hacked the ballot box) is where this exchange got ugly. I’ve reread this whole thread, and all Samh09 has said were facts, that can’t be disputed by calling anybody a name.

  3. I continue to be amazed by the people who think just because you are a “celebrity” that somehow means you’re not a citizen with care or concerns for your country. Plumbers, realtors, bankers, people of walmart, everyone gets to have an opinion and political leaning but because you’re on TV, you don’t? So stupid!!!

    1. What makes what a ‘celebrity’ opinion so much more important than say, yours? NOTHING!!! Plumbers, Realtor, Bank, people of Walmart are not generally allowed to walk around their places of business and broadcast to the entire store or bank of their personal beliefs. Sure, if you’re self employed you can have a Vote whoever on your van, but I have the right to refuse the service.
      And actually I’d rather hear a plumber, Realtor, banker, people of Walmart opinion than a celeb as they are in the real world with with real word wages.
      So, if that makes me “stupid” so be it…

      1. Not calling anyone stupid, the premise that they shouldn’t care or have an opinion is what I considered stupid and believe me, I hear plenty from all walks of life re: politics!!!

        1. They can have an opinion or care, I personally, don’t want to hear their opinions, especially regarding politics! This includes my favs to those I agree with and those I disagree. To each their own, I turn the channel and you can turn in – God Bless America!

  4. This is not a political blog. Please take all your arguments somewhere else . We all have views but we would rather not turn this into an ugly back and forth . Thank you

  5. Oh, I knew this would cause a commotion…LOL. The polls are the only place you have any control over it. Fighting about it after the fact is pointless…Voting begins again in 3 years. I am sure we sill start hearing about the “new” candidates any day now and for the next few years until election day as always…was hoping for at least a minute of peace about the whole thing no matter who won.

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