Andy Cohen Asks Tamra Barney Why She Turned On Gretchen Halfway Through Season 8!


Tamra Barney didn’t hold anything back in the Watch What Happens Live after show, Monday night. She called the reunion taping for season 8 “tragic, epic, and probably the most intense” reunion there has been. Tamra says she thinks there were a lot of “raw emotions” and she reveals for once she wasn’t in the hot seat! Andy also announced that the men did not attend the reunion, but Brooks came!

As for Tamra’s friendship with Gretchen? “I don’t put up with any bullish*t,” Tamra said of her back and forth friendships with Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi. “If somebody is throwing me some shade, I don’t put up with it!”

Andy added, “It seems like half way through the season you started to turn on Gretchen?” Tamra replied, “I’ve never turned on Gretchen. No. I felt like she lied to me, and I’m the type of person if you lie to me, I’m going to turn the other cheek. I don’t dislike Gretchen at all. And Vicki has never persuaded me to not like Gretchen. I’m a big girl. I go with the way I feel.”

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5 Replies to “Andy Cohen Asks Tamra Barney Why She Turned On Gretchen Halfway Through Season 8!”

  1. Yes you did turn on her! Noy a shocker since you seem to do it to everyone. Tamra is a backstabbing 2 faced s#@t stirrer. With friends like her who need enemies?

  2. This season Tamra seems to be genuine. No fake bs anymore. I respect her way more! She admits her wrongs, created boundaries with the other women and demands respect which is honorable! She has a great heart this season! Ive ALWAYS hated her in past seasons. Childish gossip and agendas for those who wronged her. Keep it up Tamra!!

  3. We all knew this fake friendship wasn’t gonna last. It was just a matter of what ridiculous reasoning they were gonna use to start feuding again for the cameras. No surprise whatsoever. Too bad they can’t come up with anything original and positive for this show.

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