Andy Cohen Talks Possibility Of Real Housewives of New Orleans

Andy Cohen just hinted where there could possibly be a new city for a Real Housewives show. When Harry Connick Jr. told Cohen that New Orleans would be a great city for the franchise, Andy seemed very excited.

“You’re so right,” Andy said. “We look for cities with strong personalities and is there a city with a stronger personality than New Orleans? No!”

“I’ll even be one,” Connick Jr. replied, offering to appear on the new franchise, should it come to be. “Behind the scenes, I’m a completely different person: no earpiece, heated toilet seat, the whole thing.”

The franchise has taken over cities including Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Dallas, New Jersey, New York City, Miami and Orange County.

But Cohen recently revealed in his latest book Superficial that Miami has officially been cancelled.

“I knew the first question was going to be when is Real Housewives of Miami coming back and I said, ‘Never say never,’” he wrote in his book. “But I could see from the women’s faces that they didn’t believe me and then I kind of didn’t believe me, but I was getting nostalgic for them.”

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  1. Okay, which one of our regular contributors here suggested New Orleans? I know someone did. I don’t remember whom. I suggested other places.
    We shall see how this turns out.
    I recently thought, what about Nashville? There should be some interesting characters there too.

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