Andy Cohen Talks Danielle Staub’s Return To RHONJ!

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Bravo Executive and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen stopped by Wendy Williams’ show on April 22nd to dish about the conclusion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, his own personal endeavors, and he even spilled a little on Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Wendy asked Andy the question everyone wants to know about RHONJ. Is Danielle Staub returning? Many sites have reported she was going to film for the new Season, and our insider tells us: “Danielle was going around town telling everyone she was going to film for the show.” When Wendy asked Andy, “Very quickly Danielle Staub is she in or not in Jersey?” Andy simply replied, “She’s not.”

Do YOU believe Andy that Danielle is not returning? 

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6 Replies to “Andy Cohen Talks Danielle Staub’s Return To RHONJ!”

  1. I knew Caroline would twist Andy’s arm to keep Daniel off or at a distance. Danielle will say it is about $$ that bravo wouldn’t pay – but really – I think Caroline couldn’t afford for Danielle to spill the tea on everyone! Too much junk to sell! Andy never sees the bigger picture with these shows and ratings goldmine the sponsors would love, not to mention the NBC Execs. Andy should be fired. His prejudice with the HWs is much to obvious and sickening not to mention he has destroyed his own success with the original premis of these shows. His big fix – spinoffs – too many viewers are on the fence with that choice. Other channels are now the first choice and Bravo is only viewed for the boring hour that nothing else is on yet. And then tbere are a chunk of previous fans that are sickened by the bravo crap and totally lost interest and will never return.

    1. I would love to see what danielle is up to, It would be so much more drama, my comment to you is if it is boring why write or comment on their page , I guess it’s not that boring, and ISN’T love Andy keep up the good work Mr. Cohen

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