Andy Cohen Talks About Being Gay In America & Reveals He Loves The Miami Housewives!


Andy Cohen is the face of The Real Housewives Franchise, and not only does he produce the show, he runs a successful talk show, and has written a book, ‘Most Talkative.’ But how well do we really know Andy? Did you know he was named 14th on Out’s Power List, which showcases fifty gay men and women who influence the way the world perceives the gay community?

In a new interview with Miami’s New Times, Andy discusses reveals how difficult it was to share his coming out story with the world and how honored he feels that hehas had an impact on gay teens. Andy also shares that The Real Housewives of Miami is one of his favorite in the Franchise! Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

What do your parents think about all of this?
I think they look at me and think, Is that my kid? They really love all the madness of it all.

Has there ever been a better time to be gay in America?
No, definitely not. It’s still a fight for equality, but the gay community has never had such support and love. I am so proud of who I am and what I have become, and I can honestly say that I think many gay people feel the same way.

Let’s talk a little Housewives — Miami is officially signed on for season three!
They sure are. You sound surprised. I always knew it was going to do well. It’s one of my favorite franchises.

I mean, season one was a bust. Season two was great. I figured a season three was in the works with an upgraded reunion.
It wasn’t hard to upgrade the reunion from season one. So sad, right? I’ll never do a reunion in the clubhouse again; we were on top of each other.

Who is your favorite Miami housewife?
I don’t have a favorite. I am like a proud mother; I love all the ladies equally. I take that back — Mama Elsa is my favorite. She is everything.

Mama Elsa is everything and more.

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7 Replies to “Andy Cohen Talks About Being Gay In America & Reveals He Loves The Miami Housewives!”

  1. Funny!! But with Marisol down graded to a “friend” of the housewives, how will Mama Elsa be included?? Can’t wait for RHOM!!

  2. I like Andy most of the time, but he crosses the line sometimes from advocacy to paranoia. The women can do or say any horrible thing and he’s smiling about it, but Heaven forbid, Yolanda mentioned that at one time she wondered if her daughter may be gay and he was furious! She didn’t say anything negative about it, but he’s hair trigger on this one issue. He loved the “prostitution whore” comment so much, but that ignorant woman’s ignorant husband’s use of the gay ‘f’ word stopped a reunion cold while he schooled us all. If misbehavior is the entertainment, Andy, then either use your position to correct it all or be quiet and let your audience figure it all out for ourselves.

  3. The season 2 of RHOM was really the best of the franchise last year. Mama Elsa is really everything and she should be promoted Housewife!!! Her intro should be:
    “I’m not such of a drinker but when I start drinking I feel good” , LOL!!

  4. I’m not a fan of Mama Elsa. She’s funny but I think she’s so ignorant with the comments that she makes. I’m glad Marysol and Ana have been demoted, cannot stand them.

  5. I watched RHOM first season, found it boring. All housewives franchises are the same,.. drinking, foul language, trips and all the fighting. Different cities different names same BS

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