Andy Cohen Surprises Camille Grammer


During a recent appearance on WWHL, Andy Cohen revealed something about her ex-husband that surprised former RHOBH star Camille Grammer.

Cohen said that he had a secret meeting with Camille’s ex, Kelsey Grammer. “He came in — I don’t know if I ever told you this — he came in for a pitch meeting while Season 1 was airing,” Andy dished. “And I was sitting there thinking it was so interesting… He wouldn’t have told you [about it] because he wasn’t speaking to you at the time. It was after you were split up.”

“Season 1 was airing or had aired… we said to the agent, ‘Are you sure he wants to come in here? Do you know what’s going on on our air right now?’ It was, I think, a scripted show. It was interesting,” Andy said.

Camille added, “It was like he had everything premeditated; like it was planned out beforehand.”

Camille also revealed where she stands with her ex now. “It’s very difficult because he refuses to co-parent with me and communicate with me on any level. So what I do is my kids go to therapy. I go to therapy. I used to think that someday a day would come along and I could co-parent and he would be willing to talk to me. And it would only help the kids. He’s go to learn to hate me less than he loves his children,” she said.

Photo Credit: Bravo