Andy Cohen Stands By Decision to Let Brandi Glanville Record Message at RHOBH Reunion, Has No Regrets


This past season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a dramatic one and Andy Cohen is still answering fan questions about what went down. Andy’s assistant Daryn Carp posed some fan-submitted questions to the reunion emcee in the latest edition of Ask Andy, reported by the Daily Dish.

The first question was why didn’t Andy ask Yolanda Hadid more about her health advocate Daisy. “Well, because I didn’t know that there was an allegation that her health advocate is a former call girl, but I don’t think I took it easy on her at all,” he told Daryn. “As a matter of fact, when Part 1 of the reunion aired, I got a million mean tweets from people saying, ‘Why are you being so mean to Yolanda and pushing her about her marriage?'”

Cohen also got a lot of heat from viewers about letting the cast gang up on fan favorite Lisa Vanderpump. “I don’t have anything against her, but everyone has their say. They had something to say, and they said it, and Lisa responded,” Andy explained. “I kept saying to her, ‘Do you want to apologize? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you see you’re being accused of something you’ve been accused of three other seasons? What do you think about that?'”

Andy explained this reminded of him of past seasons of RHONJ. “For several seasons, Teresa [Giudice] was accused of working behind-the-scenes of planting stuff about Melissa [Gorga]. And it went on season after season, and Teresa fans were like, ‘Why are you letting the other women attack Teresa in this way?'” he said. “I realized, wow, this has gone on several seasons with Vanderpump where all the other women have issues with her behind-the-scenes, and it was like all the other women having issues with Teresa behind-the-scenes.”

Andy also stands by his decision to let Brandi Glanville pre-record her message to the women. “Between Vanderpump and Kyle [Richards] and several of the other women, her name was probably brought up 10 or 15 times at least without her being there. And she was tweeting a lot saying, ‘Why are they still talking about me? I’m not on the show.’ And then she was on the show a little bit,” Andy said. “Listen, I think the women would have been more upset if we brought her onto the couches to talk to them. She was on on tape for a minute-and-a-half or two minutes, they could respond or not respond, they all got the last word. Brandi didn’t have the last word. So, you know, I feel fine about it.”

In the end, does Cohen have any regrets? The host responded with a confident “no.”

Watch the clip below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because Andy can pretty much decide to do whatever he wants for ratings. He doesn’t seem to make business decisions based on popularity votes, so why sweat this any further. What is done, is done and I’m sure nobody even cares anymore.

Well said.


Yup. This pretty much sums it up.

and Brandi was mentionned 10-15 times. So she had every right to respond to whatever the older ladies said ^^

Slow couple of weeks here.
Ready to move on from BH… and I really don’t care about Brandi, but I do wish we could talk about Southern Charm…and Shahs.

I would talk about the Shahs of Sunset too and Below Deck. I missed last night’s Below Deck, opting for DWTS finale. I am so glad Nyle won, though it would have been nice to have a tie, considering all of them were good, yet being deaf and that good…unreal. I don’t know if you watch DWTS. I usually watch it on demand and watch Below Deck Med. I was not sure if Adam was going to go through with that wedding, honestly. It was defiinitely different. MJ is crazy as is Gigi. What MJ did to her mom’s dog…with… Read more »
I’m in as well. I didn’t think I would watch this Below Deck but found myself into it now. That poor dumb kid is going to get the boot for messing too much with that female at the photo shoot. lol. Southern Charm is great as well, I LOVED Shep’s house in the mountains and the fact that Craig called Whitney out in front of everyone. It was a dumb move but it was great to get him back for disrespecting Craig in front of his parents last year. I don’t watch enough Shah’s of Sunset but I liked the… Read more »

That kid on BDMed is dumb but he cried when he spoke with his mom and helps her out, so I feel sorry for him.

I was a sucker for that scene as well when he was talking to his Mom and crying. It doesn’t take away from that sweet moment but it turns out he actually cries a lot, about a lot of

I am just watching last night’s BD now, and Danny is really crying at this moment. He really screwed up. That poem was the worst too.

I agree with them, that worst thing he did was disrespect a direct order. He just seems emotionally very immature, but I was embarrassed for him when they kept showing scenes of him confined to quarters. It was like watching a kid grounded in his bedroom. lol. He really dodged a bullet by being allowed to stay.

He did dodge a bullet. I was surprised he was allowed to stay, but the captain did not want to have to hire a new person so he said. I don’t think Danny will be forgiven so easily the next time. Yes, the grounded scenes were terrible. I thought Danny was going to show up on deck even so, but he didn’t. I don’t know that he learned anything, since he seems justified in writing that poem to the “professional flirt” as she was called. He is immature, but seems too hot headed and maybe has hormones on overdrive. Ben… Read more »
I am hooked on The Voice…but usually run through just the dances “on demand” on DWTS…and skip all the judge chit-chat. I am behind, but I loved that guy and am glad he won. He is so good…he deserved it. I am also behind on Below Deck…but will catch up now that The Voice and Survivor are over….cause I love Ben. I was shocked at the stuff Reza said on WWHL…he implied that Jessica was cheating too. I wanted to like her…she is a RN (impressive) and she survived Leukemia as young teen and was hospitalized for almost a year…but… Read more »
I love Ben too! We need more shows here. It is for Hoisewives, but still. I also love the family bond of the cast on Shahs. I remember Mike saying that his wife was used to a lot…which hinted that she came from a wealthy family. Her name also sounds Spanish, but he said she was Italian. I don’t know, but she was into money. She said she wanted no kids until they had a house and more wealth from what I saw, and he wanted a family. I think they both wanted the wedding and marriage, but each laxked… Read more »

I have a big crush on Blake…so
But I also like that The Voice is about talent…more than looks.

Oh, I think Blake is a hunk too. The Voice is about talent to a point. Once the chairs are turned, things don’t always look the same even if the talent is there. I think Blake always chose the cute little blonde girl types for his country voices and would steal them if he could. I don’t watch any more. I was a bit surprised about the Gwen Stefani Blake hookup too, but he is smitten by all accounts.

Oh ITA…I don’t see those two together at all…but he is a HUGE flirt…and who could resist him. Not me, that’s for sure. I also agree about the looks …but I think that has a lot to do with the viewer’s votes…we are a shallow society sometimes and it is mostly the younger viewers who vote.

Yes, I agree, but I can see that the need to win overpowers everything else, and knowing what the shallow viewers will most likely like is what drives Blake, Adam, and the rest to push one contestant over another in many cases too. Blake…hard to resist, but he is known to drink way too much…still handsome though. I have not watched it in a while, but I love the Adam/Blake mancrush talk. They both are in love with themselves and a bit with each other too…it seems. 😉

You are right. I never thought about the judge’s egos getting in the way…but I can see that, except maybe Pharrell…he’s pretty zen. Adam gets on my nerves sometimes…but he and Blake are funny together. I watched Jimmy Fallon take Blake Shelton to a sushi bar a few nights ago…OMG…I died. Thing is…I don’t really like his songs or even country music very much…but I like ’em big …and funny….and that is a gorgeous hunk of funny.

I’m no fan of country either. I know what you mean. 😉

I’m sorry, is Andy really comparing LVP to Teresa here?!