Andy Cohen Stands By Decision to Let Brandi Glanville Record Message at RHOBH Reunion, Has No Regrets


This past season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a dramatic one and Andy Cohen is still answering fan questions about what went down. Andy’s assistant Daryn Carp posed some fan-submitted questions to the reunion emcee in the latest edition of Ask Andy, reported by the Daily Dish.

The first question was why didn’t Andy ask Yolanda Hadid more about her health advocate Daisy. “Well, because I didn’t know that there was an allegation that her health advocate is a former call girl, but I don’t think I took it easy on her at all,” he told Daryn. “As a matter of fact, when Part 1 of the reunion aired, I got a million mean tweets from people saying, ‘Why are you being so mean to Yolanda and pushing her about her marriage?'”

Cohen also got a lot of heat from viewers about letting the cast gang up on fan favorite Lisa Vanderpump. “I don’t have anything against her, but everyone has their say. They had something to say, and they said it, and Lisa responded,” Andy explained. “I kept saying to her, ‘Do you want to apologize? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you see you’re being accused of something you’ve been accused of three other seasons? What do you think about that?'”

Andy explained this reminded of him of past seasons of RHONJ. “For several seasons, Teresa [Giudice] was accused of working behind-the-scenes of planting stuff about Melissa [Gorga]. And it went on season after season, and Teresa fans were like, ‘Why are you letting the other women attack Teresa in this way?'” he said. “I realized, wow, this has gone on several seasons with Vanderpump where all the other women have issues with her behind-the-scenes, and it was like all the other women having issues with Teresa behind-the-scenes.”

Andy also stands by his decision to let Brandi Glanville pre-record her message to the women. “Between Vanderpump and Kyle [Richards] and several of the other women, her name was probably brought up 10 or 15 times at least without her being there. And she was tweeting a lot saying, ‘Why are they still talking about me? I’m not on the show.’ And then she was on the show a little bit,” Andy said. “Listen, I think the women would have been more upset if we brought her onto the couches to talk to them. She was on on tape for a minute-and-a-half or two minutes, they could respond or not respond, they all got the last word. Brandi didn’t have the last word. So, you know, I feel fine about it.”

In the end, does Cohen have any regrets? The host responded with a confident “no.”

Watch the clip below.

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