Andy Cohen Shares RHOBH Casting News


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has already been renewed for another season and Andy Cohen is already giving away some casting hints on Twitter.

When a fan tweeted Cohen about getting rid of Lisa Rinna, Yolanda Foster, Erika Girardi, and Eileen Davidson next season, he replied, “No way!”

Do you agree with Andy’s decision? Share your opinions with us on RHOBH casting below.

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39 Replies to “Andy Cohen Shares RHOBH Casting News”

  1. I have no idea of who will be back and why, but I’m pretty sure that no one was going to get fired by request of a tweet. lol. Did they expect him to reply, “ok, I’ll get rid of them today”. haha.

    1. Andy loves his tweets one way or the other, he wants us to keep guessing until filming begins. I for one won’t be, I will just wait until it’s confirmed to decide if I watch or not.

      1. Exactly Suze. I think it’s Bravo that puts out most of these speculation “leaks” as well. I don’t have twitter but I do believe that Bravo knows exactly who will be on and who won’t, but they’ll drag it out to stir up publicity.

        1. Yup and that’s why I’m out of it! I need a break from BH for a while anyway after this season.

            1. No I haven’t started watching it would have to be via YouTube I guess. I’m done with OC without a doubt! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

              1. Hopefully if enough people are done with OC, Bravo will get hit in the pocket, but I guess we will wait and see. I love Southern Charm and Below Deck. Loved Ladies of London but it ended on a boring note last season. It’s nice for a little change up from the housewives 😀

                1. I am with you Freedomgirl. Love Below Deck and Southern Charm and Ladies of London. I am done with all of the RH’s. Hope they bring back Melbourne – the only one I would still watch.

                  1. Maybe it’s because these shows haven’t had as many seasons as the housewives, especially with the OG’s. After so many years, there is just nothing REAL about these story lines anymore. I liked Melbourne as well but had to watch with captions. lol.

                  2. ITO…Southern Charm and Below Deck…jury is still out on Ladies of London…but I’ve already deprogrammed RH of BH & Dallas & Potomac. Gonna try OC & Atlanta more. I’ll come back to BH only IF there are some changes to the mean girl squad and no Kim & Brandy return and the first inkling that they’re gonna gang up on LVP and beat a dead horse all season again I’m done. I’ll miss the posters more than the show!

                    1. Deprogrammed from DVR if that wasn’t clear, cause after I posted it looked weird

                    2. You are better than me justmedoubleb, Sadly, my DVR is still set to record these shows but I just skip many of the episodes 😀 I’m so behind on the times though…what is ITO?

                    3. Oops…that should have been ITA…I totally agree…i don’t know what the o could stand for

                    4. I’m Totally Ovulating??? lol. I figured it was a fat finger, but you never know anymore. People come up with a new acronym on the internet everyday 😀

    1. Same here Gigicat! Rinna is a real nut! She says she owns things then in the next sentence will try to pin it on everyone else! She needs a GOOD therapist!

  2. I like Rinna. She usually says what I am thinking. Without Rinna, they…and some of us would still be pretending that Kim is not still high most of the time, and that Yolanda isn’t using her health issues to control everyone else, and that LVP isn’t sneaky…and willing to throw her fellow cast mates to the wolves for a story line.
    Nobody is perfect on these shows…and every participant that works has something…good or bad…that makes us want to watch them. Rinna is focused on telling the truth…although, so far, about everyone else…but if she comes back, she may find she is suddenly the subject of scrutiny.
    I would watch that…and I think she will handle it… much better than most.

    1. I’m with you, apple. I’ve got nothing against Lisa Rinna. As a matter of fact, I was thrilled when she called out Kim. Nobody else had the balls to do it. I also believe she’s telling the truth about the “there goes our story line”. Who could make something like that up? Wouldn’t it be something if Bravo played the clip on Reunion Part 3 and LVP did say it? Who gets that angry unless the other person is lying through their teeth? Maybe that’s why it didn’t come up until the Reunion. Maybe they gave LVP every opportunity to take some responsibility and they only put it out there when she refused?

      I don’t agree with you that Yolanda is using her health issues. More and more people are coming forward with their Lymes issues.

      1. My issue with Yolo, PJ, has to do with her claim that she has been diagnosed with “chronic” Lyme disease…which most medical professionals do not believe exists…and that she has a long history (starting at age 14) of unexplained bouts of extreme physical or mental fatigue. I also think she probably does have Munchausen syndrome or Factitious Disorder…and I agree with Rinna that Yolanda uses her health to control others.

        1. I hadn’t heard that she’s been claiming illness since 14. If she has, that’s a problem. I don’t understand how she uses it to manipulate people. I’m not sure how that would work.

          As for medical professionals, many claimed that fibromyalgia didn’t exist either. And back in the 50s and 60s, doctors recommended certain brands of cigarettes. Too many people with Lyme Disease are coming forward for their not to be something to it. The medical profession isn’t always right.

          1. I am not a medical professional …nor do I pretend to be…and I also agree they don’t always get it right…but the majority of medical professionals agree that Chronic Lyme Disease or chronic neurolyme, as Yolanda sometimes refers to it… is a fake disease. It is the chronic nature of the disorder that has no scientific verification… tons of documentation to support this claim can be found on the Internet, if you are interested.

            Yolanda provided Dr. Oz with her medical records when she was on his show and he noticed she was hospitalized at aged 14 (she says with Epstein-Barr Virus but that was not confirmed by the medical profession), and when he prodded her to examine her health history, we learned that was just the first of several bouts throughout her life of hospitalization with unexplained “extreme fatigue” symptoms. I still don’t think we know the full story…she alluded to a “broken back” on the reunion that prevented her from doing something in the past…and that was the first time we heard about that….and I think there are probably many more “illnesses” in her past we haven’t heard about yet. We also learned on Dr. Oz that her mother suffered from “invisible chronic disease” during Yolanda’s childhood….and she told Dr. Oz her mother would get severe migraines and be in bed with the curtains closed for 2-3 days at at this is probably a pattern…passed down … and learned very early in her life.

            Yolo uses her illness to control others by making any criticism of her off limits, because the only acceptable response to anything she does is “sympathy”….because she is sick…and it is cruel to pick on sick people. (Rinna got this part right away) She also likes participating when she feels like it …and going back to bed when things are not going her way….and she is always the center of attention… with a constant stream of well-wishes and support…even though she is not really even participating. She was filmed for probably 24 total minutes this season, but the whole season was all Yolanda…all the time. Something else Rinna pointed out when she said that Yolo was the most manipulative of all.

            Obvi, I am Team Rinna… and think she is very brave to say out loud what most will only say off camera.
            We are all only as sick as our secrets.

            1. I have no problem with what any of them say. That’s what makes the show.

              I’m not defending Yolanda, but I know several people who have said they have chronic lyme disease and are on a regimen of pills. Years ago, a friend of mine suffered for years before a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. It was relatively new at that time and most doctors had never heard of it but that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. The same with Kawasaki Disease. My BFF suffers from migraines and it can send her to bed for days. When they get really bad and won’t quit, she’s ends up at emerg. The medical community said the same thing about Fibromyalgia for years. As a matter of fact, Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia sound very similar.

              Whether Yolanda is sick or not, how does that affect the rest of the women? She doesn’t show up at this party but she shows up at that one? Who cares? Since when are any of the women immune from criticism? If that’s manipulation, it isn’t working very well. She’s been criticized all season. In the press, on blogs etc. What illness is in LVP’s past? Or Kyle’s? Or LR or ED? We don’t know because they haven’t been scrutinized. If Andy and the folks at Bravo are pissed that she’s not available for filming, then I guess they’ll fire her.

              1. And many agree with you…but I think the entire season was about Yolanda and her health…whether she was in the scene or not…and I believe that was her goal….and that it is always her goal…whether being filmed or not…and she has been seeking attention using health issues all her life…..which is why 2 husbands divorced her…and her kids have all left home…..because…all Yolo…all the time.

        2. ITA about yoyo. She definitely used her silicone implant poisoning and claimed it was chronic Lyme disease to garner more sympathy for herself. It’s funny how after she had that breast pocket cleaned out she got miraculously much better!?

  3. If LVP were truly manipulative, she’d manipulate all the women to gang up and call out Vileen and Creepsa. Now that’s entertainment.

  4. I’d like Erika and Lisa Rinna to stay, because they bring juicy drama or at least they say or do something crazy, but I’d get rid of Yolanda and Eileen, they’re super boring!!

    1. Totally agree with this! Keep Rinna and Erika and get rid of Yolanda and Eileen. Those two bore me to tears. If I have to listen to Yolanda and her illness one more time I am done. Eileen has nothing to add except to rehash her offense of Lisa’s non apology. I love that Rinna and Erika aren’t afraid to challenge people and speak their truth and they admit when they screw up.

  5. If Andy brought that liar back on OC anything is possible. Maybe when the ratings are down they’ll figure it out.

  6. who is PJ? I DO NOT LIKE LVP. She is manipulative. will not take accountability for anything- playing the victim -hello! they need to get rid of her! also katherine (?) the gal that’s married to the athlete. i am so not impressed wit
    h her that i can’t even remember her name. Eileen needs a new story line. LR i like – a real pot stirrer!

  7. I hope Andy keeping Rinna & Davidson means LVP will quit, cause she’s really no good for the show. She doesn’t own anything she does. She’s ridiculous and mean and boring. Out with the old, literally. #SoLongLVC

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