Andy Cohen Shares Intimate Details Of His Life In His New Book; Superficial


Andy Cohen is promoting his new book, Superficial, and sharing his dirty little secrets with fans.

The 48-year old host has made it clear he loves marijuana and in some of his journal entries he admitted he carries “pot candy” with him on flights to survive professional events. After a delay at a New York airport on November 19, 2014, he wrote, “I had plenty of time to kill at JFK with my carry-on full of pot candy— my secret medicine to power me through long signings, making them as fun for me as for everyone I get to meet.”

Cohen revealed he also accepts weed related gifts from his fans. “Buds, pot Rice Krispies treats, pot caramels,” he wrote in his book, adding that he also received booze, club drug “poppers,” and “penis pastries.”

Andy also admitted to having had a threesome with two fans! A straight couple named Jake and Angela, after meeting them at a book signing in Boston. “I did things with a girl for the first time in thirty years,” he wrote in one entry.

Cohen first met his current boyfriend, Harvard PHD student Clifton Dassuncao, in a Boston bar Club Café, and took him home after the first date. “He spent the night,” he wrote in his March 20, 2015 diary entry. “He is adorable… did I say that?”

Andy also chronicles how he parties with booze and how he took things way too far one night after partying at a drag show. “I turned into Reese Witherspoon in the back of the police car, just as awful and righteous as I could be,” he says. “I said I don’t do well on vodka! This isn’t me! I was like Dorinda!”

Cohen began questioning his drinking habits after a friend named Dave sobered up that November. “It’s so obvious, the idea of me becoming a serious alcoholic,” he admits. “I hope it’s just obvious and not inevitable, those are two different things.”

Superficial is in stores now.

Photo Credit: Bravo