Andy Cohen Says His Friendship With Bethenny Is On The Back Burner While She’s On RHONY

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Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is sharing some of the moments that shocked him from his recent one-on-one interview with Bethenny Frankel. Cohen also reveals that while he is pumped to have his friend back on Housewives, his friendship with Bethenny has been put on the back burner while she is a cast member of the show.

“It’s easier to be friends with her when she’s not on [the show] because she’s a housewife now and I don’t want to treat her differently than other housewives. She knows that,” Andy said in a new episode of Ask Andy. “I think that our friendship went on the backburner when she started the show.”

As for what shocked him? Andy says he couldn’t believe Bethenny said she would never marry again. “I was surprised that she said she’ll never get married again,” he admits. “She was so definitive about it.”

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Oh yeah and pigs are flying over me right at this minute. Does He think We are all stupid, He has always had his favourites looks like Brandi is also one, Ramona was, not sure if She still is, my brains not thinking clearly this morning or I could list more. Oh one more Caroline Manzo, if you look at who his favourites are it makes you wonder about his mentality. Liked him, sort of until I read his book, load of crap. It’s not even well written and really sleazy.

He has always favored Bethenny. To think he’ll just put their friendship on the back burner is ridiculous. How does one even do that???
He IS really sleazy! I used to like him until he asked all of the OC housewives their cup size at a reunion a few years ago. The worst part is they all answered!

Hahahaha….and Bethany…never say never.

That’s because they are all brain challenged on OC!

Seriously! The things these women will do to be on tv…

It’s unfortunate that Andy is so obvious about his favoritism and his he also kind of worships you more if you are richer- and that unfairly affects things on the sets of the shows with some Housewifes kind of throwing that power around.

I’m not sure about rich, Caroline Manzo? But certain women seem to appeal to him. But as you say it’s others that suffers for his preferences.