Andy Cohen Says Goodbye To Adrienne Maloof! He Was Frustrated By Her In Season 3 Of RHOBH!

Andy Cohen

In this clip for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion, Andy Cohen addresses Adrienne Maloof’s absence, and explains she will not be returning to the show. The women seem frustrated Adrienne did not show up to set the record straight, as you can see in their reactions to Andy’s speech. You can read what Andy said below, and watch the reactions in the video.

“Well, today we are missing one of the Housewives that has been with us since the beginning. Adrienne Maloof has decided not to participate today. This Season was hard on Adrienne, as you all know, a secret about her family was revealed by Brandi, and from that moment on Adrienne refused to speak directly about it. We know that frustrated you in the audience- it frustrated all of us to. If you read the tabloids you might have theories on what the secret is, but Adrienne won’t be here to tell her side of the story. Not only is she absent tonight, but she won’t be on the show next Season. Adrienne Maloof’s final act as a Housewife is not showing up tonight.”

“Wow, shocking,” whisper some of the women when Andy gets done reciting his speech.

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6 Replies to “Andy Cohen Says Goodbye To Adrienne Maloof! He Was Frustrated By Her In Season 3 Of RHOBH!”

  1. Adrienne Maloof is a coward and a liar! It is that simple and that is why she didn’t and couldn’t show up for the reunion! She knew she would be eaten alive by the honest, stable, straight shooters in the group… ie Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda! Her desire to become the break out star of the RHOBH was such an obsession that she became transparent to everyone…the other HW and all the viewers. She ran away! Well, Adrienne…you can run but you can’t hide…because this is your life and who you are.

  2. Hip, Hip, Hooray! She brought nothing to the show anyway! Good riddance you slime-ball, stuck-up, skanky, snot-nose bitch! Money doesn’t give you class, it just gives you money to torment other people with!

  3. I think Adrienne didn’t show up for the reunion not because she’s a lair, but she knew that Brandi has twice brought up things about her that was none of her business and and did not want to deal with her and with Lisa there to co-sign with Brandi. Brandi is wrong.

  4. Its funny because I thought she was boring and added very little to the show in Seasons 1 and 2. Her and Paul’s lack of intimacy was amusing but we learned very little about her family. She is the only Maloff daughter and I’m sure there are some interesting family dynamics there. She finally became interesting in Season 3 with her feud with Lisa and Brandi and the break up of her marriage.

    There has to be something prior to the Season 2 reunion that put her and Lisa at odds.

  5. BYE! Andy NEVER shows his true emotions at housewife reunions and I’m glad for a change he did. Adrienne is a malicious, pot-stirring, fame and money-hungry, atrocious excuse for a woman, let alone a human being. Absolutely despicable-and the same can be said about each and every one of her “friends”-Kyle, Faye ESPECIALLY, and Kim.
    Adrienne is a bully. Brandi said the truth and she didn’t deserve a lawsuit-granted, I didn’t think it was her place to say it but she did. It wasn’t a lie or character defamation as Mr. Maloof tried to insinuate.
    You are a snake, Adrienne. I’m glad I won’t be seeing your botoxed face on my television set any time soon. You will get what you give; therefore, expect lots of crap coming your way soon. Team ANYONE WHO’S NOT ON ADRIENNE’S WARPED SIDE.

  6. Adrienne, is a nut and the show wll be better off without her, anything goes wrong she wants to blame it on Brandi. Lady put your big girl panties and take what is your falt. If you were a true Lady you would show up and stand by what you hve said on the RHOBH. I guess the only reason you could not come was because Faye was not there to be your back bone, as she is Kyle’s mouth piece. Kyle IF Lisa is your friend why don’t you act like it????????

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