Andy Cohen Reveals Shocking Housewives Moments


Andy Cohen is dishing up some major gossip in his new book, Superficial, including Housewives diva moments, who almost got a spinoff show and much more.

After season six, Cohen wrote in his book that his friend Carole Radziwill wanted to leave the Real Housewives of New York City. “Had a very frustrating, fairly circular conversation with [her] today about the show, which is especially unfun because of our friendship,” he wrote on September 23, 2014. Obviously, despite being hesitant, Radziwill decided to stay on the show.

Andy also wrote an entry about how he pitched Bethenny Frankel and Martha Stewart to the network. “The show is like Shark Tank meets The Apprentice, with Martha as Trump and Bethenny as Tim Gunn,” he explained. However, the show never took off. A year later, he pitched another Frankel spinoff to media companies.

After Joe and Teresa Giudice were charged with fraud, Cohen shared that Joe showed “zero remorse.” “He doesn’t think he did anything wrong, he just thinks he got caught,” Andy wrote in October 2014.

After Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison on fraud charges in 2014, Cohen tried to convince the Real Housewives of Atlanta star to do a special episode about the situation. “She so doesn’t’ want to,” Andy wrote. “She’s this weirdly private person who is on a reality show about her life, so that’s a life-sized oxymoron.”

After Teresa Giudice checked into prison, her young daughter Milania, 10, left a note with Cohen’s doorman at his New York apartment. “It was eerie and interesting,” he wrote on January 4, 2015.

While Teresa was serving time, Joe Giudice told Cohen that he wanted an entire “cable channel” dedicated to him. That obviously didn’t happen, but he did get his mini-spinoff in 2015.

During the season 7 RHOA reunion, Cohen was pissed when the ladies arrived two hours late. “The divas didn’t get to set until around noon. I lost my wits,” he wrote.

Andy’s book is in stores now.

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  1. So if Andy Cohe ISO “in charge” why does he let these losers walk all over him then? Ps Phaedra likes the money being on a reality show but doesn’t want to shown her reality for fear of being exposed a la Guidice.

  2. That job must be like herding cats. These women for the most part have only one priority: themselves. They are irresponsible, with no work ethic, no sense of fulfilling commitments, no empathy for the problems they cause. And if he fires them for gross infractions there would be nobody left to watch.

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