Andy Cohen Reveals RHOBH Reunion Details

The season seven reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been filmed and Andy Cohen has confessed that the explosive taping “went in some bizarre directions.”

Cohen revealed that Lisa Rinna faced the most controversy during the reunion, for her involvement in gossiping about Kim Richards and her sobriety this season.

“Flashbacks are not Lisa Rinna’s friend this season, unfortunately,” Cohen told E! News. “But you know, when you say it on camera, it’s going to come back on camera. Lisa Rinna got beat up a lot.”

Rinna even admitted to the difficult reunion taping, calling it “unexpected, shocking, and explosive at times.”

But there’s plenty of other drama among the cast. According to Cohen, Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi have it out during the reunion as well.

“Dorit and Erika went at it quite a bit. [Dorit’s husband] PK got beaten up,” he said.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Cin

    There is always one per season who gets blasted! This year it’s obvious it’s Rinna’s turn at the chopping block.

    • Starr

      Cin, much deserved that Rinna is getting her just dues. How on God’s green earth did I ever like that woman? I am certain I must’ve had some screws missing. She drives me crazy.

  • Rain

    I’m glad Pervo got beat up a lot!! He’s a bitch of man and a total pervert

    • barbara

      He’s creepy alright and not the least bit camera shy.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    I’m excited to see this, but even more curious to see the RHoA reunion after Andy’s mysterious Instagram post just after they wrapped last week. Whatever they revealed that blew his wig back and urban blogs are saying it was allll about Porsha.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Ed will just sit on the sidelines, like the useless housewife she is. She brings NOTHING to the show. All she did was cover up her affair over 10 years ago with Van Patten, whom she later married.

  • Aunt Bee

    What else is Andy going to say – “this reunion was boring” – “nothing exciting here”- “the ladies were quiet and well behaved”?????? Oh please this man’s livelihood depends on drama and he is going to give the press juicy tidbits so we all watch. I am sure the “ladies” we’re also given topics to be discussed to get the drama going.

    • Starr

      Aunt Bee, love seeing you. Please stick around. You are missed.

  • Michelle

    If Lisa R, Dorit and PK felt they got “beaten up” they damn well deserved it!

  • Jeanine Marie Cavanaugh

    Erika, really! You are responsible for what you wear in public. You knew you did NOT wear any underwear. You knew your dress/skirt was very short. You x4! You want to humiliate others for your choices.