Andy Cohen Reveals Real Housewives Casting Secrets


Bravo executive and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is revealing what it takes to become a Real Housewife on the latest webisode of @sk Andy. He explains the secrets of the casting and how much he’s involved in the process. “I am involved in all of it,” he says. “We have a team…we work with the production company to go over submissions for Housewives.” Andy also says after the production company sends a few picks over to Bravo HQ, he whittles down the list.

But what about when certain stars return after a hiatus? For example Lauri Peterson and Dina Manzo? “Typically, I’m at the forefront of trying to woo back formers to the show,” he says. “If it’s a terrible idea, people will say to me, ‘It’s a terrible idea.'” One in particular? “For Orange County, I always wanted to bring Lauri Peterson back but Lauri didn’t want to come back.” Lauri ended up returning to season 8 in a part-time role.

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  1. It will be interesting to see if Bravo will fire Andy when people stop watching the show after his decision to continue to employ Teresa while she is under indictment on 39 counts for fraud and theft?
    The only upside I see to that decision is if the show is allowed to film her trial. The ratings would go through the roof if they televise Teresa being loaded on the bus to prison.

  2. why don’t you show us all the parts that you took out of jersey housewives, the ones you cut and editted, so many of us teresa fans, stopped watching your show,we are so angry,the way you talk to teresa and are so cute to caroline,melissa and kathy, we know you fixed the polls too,just to make teresa look like a should be happy, teresa has another yr,on houswives, without her, there is no reason to watch,

    1. Mom from the shore – If you and the other Trehuggers truly believe that Teresa looks bad only because of Bravo editing and not because she is a mean spirited, lying narcissist then you probably don’t believe she is guilty of any of the 39 counts she has been indicted for.
      The only thing to say to you is… Yes there is a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy have a nice life living in fantasy land.

      1. notatreehugger, there is alot you don’t know about these charges and who’s behind them now if you were different type of person, i might tell you

    2. Fixed the polls?? I think Andy has a lot more to worry about than a stupid poll. And he does support her too, why else is she the only original housewife remaining next season?
      I feel Teresa does play the victim a lot, she needs to take responsibility for her actions. The feud with Melissa, both played a part in that for sure – but Teresa isn’t able to accept her fault in the whole mess.
      In terms of the government indictment….come one the IRS doesn’t make up charges to conspire against a NJ housewife…you sound just as bad as Teresa, blaming all her problem on someone else, insinuating someone is behind it all.

      1. maybe if you read the same blog as i do, you will find out most of these charges will be thrown out. they were done during the bank of america and fanny mae scandals. the banks are at fault here. just watch you are going to see kathy,richie, melissa and joey trying to be nice to teresa, like they never did anything against her. since you are all anti teresa, thats all i’m going to tell you

        1. OMG it is always someones elses fault when it come to Teresa! And please mom from the shore enlighten us why everyone is going to have to kiss her monkey butt… Is she going to buy Bravo?

  3. I am not a Teresa fan but I do find it disheartening that there is so much malice toward her. I truly feel she was misled by her husband because she truly loves him. She is not bright enough to be the mastermind behind this. He led and she blindly followed. I agree he goes to jail but those girls need their mother.

    1. Aunt Bee – Teresa isn’t that stupid she just acts that way. She had to have known what they were doing was wrong. Remember her pay $100, 000.00 CASH for furniture? Who does that if their money is legit?
      As far as Teresa being there to raise her children… Do you mean the ones that are disrespectful, rude and feel they are entitled? Teresa has done enough damage to those girls. The only hope for those girls to grow up to be decent adults is if someone else raises with lot of counseling.

  4. Notatrehugger: if Teresa was so smart why did she show that cash on national TV? Who would you suggest raise those children: the grandparents who raised the Mother and FATHER, or the Joe Gorgas. Either way it’s a losing proposition.

    1. I agree with you Aunt Bee Teresa parents raised her to feel she could do no wrong and was entitled to anything and everything she wanted so they wouldn’t be a good choice to raise those girls. I don’t know what the answer is but Teresa should go to jail along with her husband.
      Hopefully if she loves her children as much as she says she does she isn’t ignoring the fact that decisions need to be made about whom will raise her girls while she is in prison. Unfortunately she is a narcissist and more than likely believes she is going to pull an OJ and get away with it.

      1. i can’t believe you would write anything about the way tersa’s parents raised don’t know this family,except for what we see on tv.her parents are very seldom on the show and you know them. it you really know then, where did they have there summer home in jersey, not teresa or poison joe but her parents.

        1. Teresa has said herself her parents raised her to believe she was a princess and she obviously took them too seriously. But honestly her parents can’t be blamed for the lying thieving POS she grew up to be. Maybe that was Joes fault maybe it was her parents but we all know it wasn’t Teresas becasue nothing is ever her fault.

        2. mom from the shore – My comments are from observations and statements made from the show. I have not led anyone to believe that I know these people personally.
          Trust me when I say I would not associate with the likes of the Giudices. My friends and I pay for what we have the old fashion way WE WORK FOR IT!! WE DON’T LIE, STEAL OR DEFRAUD!!!
          You seem to know a lot and have the “inside scoop” about the family. Better be careful my dear remember that you are judged by the company you keep.

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