Andy Cohen Reveals How The Real Housewives Almost Didn’t Happen


In a new interview, WWHL host Andy Cohen is opening up about how The Real Housewives almost didn’t happen!

“I thought we almost killed that show… it was so plagued in season 1 with troubles in the edit room,” Andy told EW. “We wound up getting rid of the original producers. We brought someone else in. It was a nightmare to produce. And we contemplated for a moment saying, “Well, should we just scrap this?'”

After almost ten years of Real Housewives shows, Andy is pretty happy with his decision.

“I mean, thank god we didn’t do it,” he said, adding that the reunions are “part celebration and part grilling on the barbecue. So it’s about finding the happy medium. I’m always thinking about the show as a fan and I’m thinking about it as a producer.”

“Our viewers are so smart,” he said. “They can tell when someone’s faking it or they’re pandering to the audience or they’re trying to manipulate the story so that people view them in a different way. They can just tell and it always winds up coming back to them.”

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3 Replies to “Andy Cohen Reveals How The Real Housewives Almost Didn’t Happen”

  1. Yes lets be sure to not script the show – it ruins everything. and please a little more happiness and work and charity would be nice instead of the constant high school drama.

  2. How can Bravo hear the viewers since they’ve taken off the comment section after blogs…I would love for Andy to answer why – maybe he has and I missed it. I’m sure it was because people were very harsh but they were approving the messages so what happened?

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