Andy Cohen Reveals The Moment He Knew He Was Famous


Andy Cohen may be a household name now, but it took him a long time to establish his career. With the launch of his newest book, Superficial, he is revealing the moment he realized he was famous.

“You know when I became famous? For real, when I figured out, ‘Oh my God, I’m actually famous’ was when Teresa [Giudice] pushed me,” Andy revealed to his longtime pal, Sarah Jessica Parker, during their conversation at the 92nd Street Y Thursday night.

Andy shared that he was on vacation in the Hamptons when The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 reunion aired featuring the now famous moment when Teresa shoved the host out of the way while confronting Danielle Staub. Suddenly, he started getting calls about interviews to talk about the dramatic moment.

“When I came back into the city, I was famous,” he said. “Anderson Cooper always says to me, ‘You enjoy your celebrity more than anybody,’ and I figured out why that is maybe. And part of the reason is because I’m tickled by it and I’ve always been fascinated by the notion of celebrity and what does that mean and what are the machinations behind it.”

“But also when you’ve lived in New York City for 20 years and suddenly, you can get a reservation and get into parties that otherwise you couldn’t have, yeah, it’s fun,” Andy admitted.

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4 Replies to “Andy Cohen Reveals The Moment He Knew He Was Famous”

  1. Lucky him. I hope he has a nice party with himself, along with his mirror. He is in with the “IN” crowd now. Ride it while it lasts, randy Andy.

  2. This is so tongue in cheek. As someone who started in hard news on a national scale with a global conglomerate and a network head honcho, Andy has known and been ingratiated with the rich, wealthy, cerebral, and mighty powerful for MUCH longer than that. He’s referring to pop culture fame of a “particular” variety here.

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