Andy Cohen Reveals He Was Once Diagnosed With Melanoma


Andy Cohen appeared on Live with Kelly Ripa on November 25th and revealed some news that shocked viewers. He shared that he once had melanoma and thanked Kelly Ripa for being the person that was so diligent about having him get it checked out by a doctor.

“I have to shout you out for something that you don’t know I’m going to shout you out for,” Cohen began. Andy recalled back in April how Ripa pointed out a “black dot on his bottom lip” that looked concerning.


“Well I had never seen it before, and I pay attention to people,” she said.

Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos pressured Cohen for weeks afterwards about going to a dermatologist appointment.

“Finally, I did, and it was melanoma and they removed it and the whole thing, and I just want to thank you because you were so dogmatic,” Andy revealed. “I am tanorexic. I love the sun, I really do, but be careful. And I, of course, never thought that that kind of thing would happen to me and it will change my relationship to the sun.” Ripa added, “It’s the third time I’ve picked out skin cancer on my friends.”

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  1. Hope he lays off the sun, then. Hate to hear someone has/had Cancer. This should hit close to home then regarding why most of us can’t stand what Vicki LiarFACE and Crooks did.

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