Andy Cohen Responds To Questions About Giudice Indictment


Andy Cohen is speaking out about Teresa and Joe Giudice’s indictment. Since the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars were indicted on 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion by the Federal Government on July 29th, Bravo and Andy Cohen have kept quiet about the scandal. During an @askandy webisode, a fan asked Andy what he thought about the news. “I don’t have any more information than anyone at home does,” Andy says. “So I don’t really have a take except that I’m thinking of them and the kids. I certainly hope it resolves itself in a happy way.”

Watch Andy’s response below.

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8 Replies to “Andy Cohen Responds To Questions About Giudice Indictment”

  1. BOYCOT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! If you are as tried as I am of Teresa’s lying and now the fact she has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar. The Feds can’t be wrong that many times.

    1. mickey if teresa is fired, there won’t be anymore jersey housewives. teresa is the most popular person on the show,whether you like it or not. now if andy was smart,which he’s not, he would get rid of caroline, wacko, kathy. then bring danielle back, expose melissa for everything she’s done. that would bring the ratings higher than ever.

  2. If the show ends just because Teresa is fired then so be it!!
    Would you continue to support a network or endorsers that employs someone charged with 39 counts of child molestation or 39 counts of murder?
    While Teresa and Joe have not been accused of molesting children or murdering anyone, they have been charged with 39 counts of fraud and theft. Their crimes have and will continue to cost tax payers millions of dollars.
    A crime is a crime and we as the consumer/tax payer should stand up and tell Bravo that we will not continue to support their network if they continue to employ Teresa.

    1. what about wacko and chris, they are being charged for more crimes than teresa and joe,including fraud . also they have trial coming up, with poison joe for assualt and battery end of this month.better check into melissa and poison, story is slowly coming out about those too. richie and kathy owe so much monry to esso for all the gas they never paid for.

    2. I am in agreement with you. People like to shoot off their mouths but the truth of the matter is we promote this if we still support Bravo. I’ll hate to not watch RHOBH but that’s about the ONLY show I do watch now. Andy Cohen has displayed he has not ethics or morals so it will be interesting to see this play out. He’s not the only one that owns it.

  3. I am happy to hear that you shave! Most of us do this without feeling the need to brag about it!
    That being said. You are obviously a Guidice supporter who trolls sites to defend Teresa and tear down every other member of the RHONJ cast. I don’t give a damn about who MAY be indicted or who MAY not pay their bills. When THEY are formally charged as Teresa and Joe have been then they should be fired by Bravo as well.

    1. melissa wrote in her book,that women should shave armpits and legs, so go correct her.i can joke about it, since its something we’ve done for yrs. yes i support teresa and troll the same sites as you. now go play with richie, he loves melissa’s sisters too

  4. I’m with Anonymous on this !!! The Giudices are bad news any way you look at it ! TreApe is evil personified ! Her jealousy & hate for Melissa is nothing less than pathological- it’s downright scary ! To TreApe, everything wrong in her life is Melissa’s (or Jacqueline’s… Or Kathy’s… OR Caroline’s… {insert any other name} fault… according to her !!! She’s sickening to watch. TreApe takes no accountability for anything, she “just loves, loves, loves” GAG! Jaundiced Juicy is the ugliest homophobe on television ever. The Joodichee’s idea of conflict resolution is violence or verbal attacks. Just watching last year’s reunion made it clear what kind of people they are: unaccountable, criminal narcissists, blame shifting, violent homophobic liars. There aren’t enough adjectives to adequately describe these people. They are basically the foulest life form. Heads up, TreApe: orange is the new black ! I, for one (and I’m not alone) will have faith in our judicial system when these two are sentenced to some real prison time ! Looks like that day will be coming soon, albeit they were granted a continuance to January for their trial. They better enjoy time with their poor little girls. The Feds have been building their case for several years. TreApe & JJ can’t call themselves ‘victims’ because their (in their pea-sized brains) “celebrities”. It all began before RHONJ began filming. And yes, TreApe WILL serve time even though she has children. There are thousands of mothers serving time. TreApe needs to stop all her exploitation of her children. Hiding behind them is simply cowardly!!

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