Andy Cohen Responds To Jim Marchese’s Criticism Of Teresa Giudice’s Spin-Off Show


Jim Marchese has never been one to hold back is opinions… and when Bravo started airing the special RHONJ: Teresa Checks In, Marchese had a lot to say about the show. Marchese referred to the show as “a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.” Now, Andy Cohen is responding to Jim’s comments as well as the other controversy and opinions surrounding the decision to air the show.

“First of all, he wasn’t involved in the original show. He characterizes it as ‘tongue and cheek fun, a guilty pleasure,’ but it was pretty intense from the get-go,” Andy said. “Teresa [Giudice] flipped a table in the finale of the first season, so if he calls that ‘tongue and cheek fun [and] a guilty pleasure,’ that’s fine. I don’t think it was that fun for Danielle Staub, actually. I got pushed like a rag doll in the Season 2 reunion, that didn’t seem like ‘tongue and cheek fun.'”

He continued, “I take issue with him saying, ‘It is morphing into a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.’ He put his kids on the Housewives, so his kids — who are a lot younger — were on. And also, the thing about it is, we have been following this family for seven, eight years, and so we are continuing to follow them. There’s great interest in what’s going on with them. We haven’t endorsed anyone’s behavior on that show. We’ve shown it, as a matter of fact, without editorialization. And I would say the same for Jim’s behavior, which many people thought he was a jack*** last season. We showed his behavior without any generalization. We left it on the viewers to make their own mind up.”

“Look, that’s where hes coming from,” Andy said. “I think people have opinions about it, but that’s what’s great about it. You can have opinions, and you can have them and they’re all valid. So if that’s what he thinks, then, wonderful.”

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19 Replies to “Andy Cohen Responds To Jim Marchese’s Criticism Of Teresa Giudice’s Spin-Off Show”

  1. Everyone shut up and realize the Only thing that matters on these shows is RATINGS. you can hate or love the tre and the troll but bottom line idiot people watch them. People comment on the exploitation of their children yet the one thing the viewers can do to help those kids is NOT WATCH. If the ratings don’t appear the show goes away. I don’t watch any longer and I did not see any of the 3 episodes of the troll. There is a lot of hypocrisy from the viewers here (and forget about Jim Marchese’ he is just pissed they don’t want him back) People call them criminals and that the children are being exposed to too much and tre and troll are spending money they don’t have and on and on and on….. we could be here all day.
    If everyone who speaks about the criminals and the kids just turned off the tv they would all go away. THis leads me to believe that people are watching and talking out both sides of their mouths.
    My reason for not watching any longer is that last season Tre was on was the most boring season i had ever seen in Hw’s history. Unless they are committing crimes and hurting their kids no one watches. Anyway I think Bravo only cares about one thing and one thing only….. how much money is each of these franchises going to bring to the network that is IT!!!!! Keep it real everyone and find something else to watch. A & E is the greatest network and has amazing shows. turn it over there you definitely will find intense drama and a heap full of reality.

  2. He is an idiot and part of let’s just say something disgusting and I’m not talking about the show. He was vile and used his kids so just needs to shut up. Hypocrite!!

      1. Me too.
        It’s terrible that she is welcomed back and given the royal treatment by Bravo.
        Andy doesn’t care about Teresa and her family he cares about the ratings.
        If her ratings are really low his “sincere” feelings for her will disappear overnight.

  3. I really hope they stop following her and her family. Just recast that entir show please. Start new. I am so sick of all of them.

  4. There is a difference between kids being in scenes with parents in the back ground or comic relief (Phadras son on rhoa is super cute and funny) and giving them a show where they have interviews to talk about mommy “being away”. Showing them crying when mommy calls from “her trip”.

  5. Why does this little man forget he is a worse kind of criminal? He is a drug pusher that turned into a snitch. He is a worse kind of conman than these two bafoons (sp?). He sold a drug as a cure for cancer which he knew was not for cancer, he engaged in deception and then went and squealed so he would not be caught and then collected money for turning evidence! He is a slime and needs to go away.

    1. Exactly what I was referring to in my earlier posts but decided to not say for once! Thanks for doing it. He is a disgusting con just like Brooks!

  6. Marchese referred to the show as “a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.” I think he could use that to describe himself too eh there Jimmy Boy! He ranks right up there with the other disgusting garbage.

  7. This is the only thing I could agree on with Jim Marchese, will not watch anything with Teresa or her yucky husband.

  8. Andy is doing his job. I think he cares for most of the women on the housewives franchise. To say that no one watches unless the cast are either hurting their kids or committing crimes is just untrue. All of the cities had good to great ratings before Apollo or Theresa were ever found guilty of criminal activity. I happen to like Andy and I can’t see anyone but him doing the reunions. Although this last OC reunion was the most boring of all. And I agree with whoever said the last season of NJ was the most boring season of any housewife season EVER. They cast badly. I was glad to see Dina back, but she got lost in the ridiculous BS that was the twins and the other woman who is the wife of this guy here. What this guy did criminally was so much worse than what Theresa did and he hasn’t even been prosecuted yet. I don’t understand why he isn’t being hounded by the DA’s office and or arrested. I believe Andy is right in saying that they have been following the Guidice family from season one, and many of the fans want to see her when she comes out. It really is no different that any show about felons when they are released from prison, just way more popular. I don’t see what all of the huff is about to tell the truth. I saw at first when she was first found guilty. Now, they are paying off the $$ debt, and she is being punished for her crime. Anyone who wants to boycott can and will. If the fan base isn’t good Bravo will do whatever it is they think will bring the fans back.

  9. He is right, but it doesn’t make him any less of an unwatchable jackass. I’d rather go hold Brandi Glanville’s hand at the free clinic than watch another episode starring him.

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