Andy Cohen Responds To Jim Marchese’s Criticism Of Teresa Giudice’s Spin-Off Show


Jim Marchese has never been one to hold back is opinions… and when Bravo started airing the special RHONJ: Teresa Checks In, Marchese had a lot to say about the show. Marchese referred to the show as “a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.” Now, Andy Cohen is responding to Jim’s comments as well as the other controversy and opinions surrounding the decision to air the show.

“First of all, he wasn’t involved in the original show. He characterizes it as ‘tongue and cheek fun, a guilty pleasure,’ but it was pretty intense from the get-go,” Andy said. “Teresa [Giudice] flipped a table in the finale of the first season, so if he calls that ‘tongue and cheek fun [and] a guilty pleasure,’ that’s fine. I don’t think it was that fun for Danielle Staub, actually. I got pushed like a rag doll in the Season 2 reunion, that didn’t seem like ‘tongue and cheek fun.'”

He continued, “I take issue with him saying, ‘It is morphing into a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.’ He put his kids on the Housewives, so his kids — who are a lot younger — were on. And also, the thing about it is, we have been following this family for seven, eight years, and so we are continuing to follow them. There’s great interest in what’s going on with them. We haven’t endorsed anyone’s behavior on that show. We’ve shown it, as a matter of fact, without editorialization. And I would say the same for Jim’s behavior, which many people thought he was a jack*** last season. We showed his behavior without any generalization. We left it on the viewers to make their own mind up.”

“Look, that’s where hes coming from,” Andy said. “I think people have opinions about it, but that’s what’s great about it. You can have opinions, and you can have them and they’re all valid. So if that’s what he thinks, then, wonderful.”

Photo Credit: Bravo