Andy Cohen Responds To Jill Zarin Interview!

After a special episode of Watch What Happens Live, with Andy Cohen and guest Jill Zarin, Jill was trending on Twitter. Fans were buzzing about whether Andy and Bravo’s Production Team are biased towards yet another Housewife. Jill seemed to be happy with the final product after Bravo edited the interview, tweeting excitedly that she was trending.

After the episode aired, Andy took to his Twitter to defend himself when accusations of favoritism arose, “I go to great lengths to treat the Housewives equally so I was anxious to hear why Jill felt like I chose sides w/ she & Bethenny. #WWHL” Jill accused Andy of favoring Bethenny over her and she believes that’s the reason she got fired from RHONY, also because Bethenny recommended Aviva to Bravo.

Jill gave Andy examples of his favoritism towards Bethenny asking, “Was she at your launch party when none of the other Housewives were?” Andy replied with a sarcastic, “She’s not a housewife anymore.” Jill fired back, “Do you go to dinner with Bethenny?” Andy responded, “I have been out to dinner with her, yes.”

Jill later took to her twitter to bring up another example, tweeting, “Oh andy! I forgot to mention the skinnygirl bottle behind your head for one year on WWHL. How do u think i felt? RT @BravoAndy I go to great lengths to treat the Housewives equally so I was anxious to hear why Jill felt like I chose sides w/ she & Bethenny. #WWHL.”

Tell Us- Do you think Andy’s biased?

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7 Replies to “Andy Cohen Responds To Jill Zarin Interview!”

  1. No. I don’t think he is biased… I think Jill proved why the viewers were ready for her to go.. she’s selfcentered, jealous, childish and immature. She did not own the fact that Bethenny did try to reach out to her.. She was more concerned about making “great tv”. She has no one to blame but herself.

    as a sidenote.. I do miss Alex.

  2. Absolutely yes! He has always shown favoritism.
    I don’t think it’s his intention but it definitely shows.
    I was a fan of Bethany yet I have to agree with Jill. The bottle on display is a perfect example. It’s also how he conducts his interviews with his favorites. Doesn’t dig deep or push with them.

  3. No I don’t think Andy was biased.

    I’m surprised Bravo wasted a prime time slot with wasbeen housewife Jill. I believe all the viewers have moved on, to watch her for that half hour was a waste of film and viewer’s time.

    Let’s all move on and leave the wasbeens just at that….

  4. Andy, I am a HUGE housewives fan and a huge fan of yours. Trust me, you did not in any way, show any favoritism towards Bethenny. Jill wants to come back so bad but please do not. The show is much better without her.

  5. Absolutely NOT….Andy is very kind and very patient with all of these women. He listened to the viewers and made changes to please viewers. Jill was toxic and very hard to watch . She just spewed venom…disgusting behavior does not make you popular and gather REAL fans. Her time was up! She is still self absorbed, and the world revolves around her ..we just happen to live in it . So happy she is GONE !! Thank u Andy xoxo

  6. Andy is biased. Anyone who says he isn’t is coming from a place of ” I don’t like that housewife, either.” It’s undeniable, and blatantly obvious is his interviews, and the faces he makes at the guest, etc… On the reunion episodes, Andy always, and without fail; looks to his favorite housewife of that franchise when someone on the R-show says or does something crazy. They will make eye contact, as if “look, we’ve discussed this person before”, As in behind closed doors. And their faces will read of whatever that conversation was. On RHONJ, it was Caroline Andy glared it when Melissa blurted out that she was a victim. His eyes bulged like a Wakile, and Caroline gave a half-smile and shook her head. On RHONY it was Carol. Before there was a Carol, it was Bethenny. Which makes me question Andy’s sanity, because from what I know of Bethenny, she is a bit of a looneytune herself. You don’t have to like the narcissistic Jill to agree that she is speaking the truth on this topic.

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