Andy Cohen Reads Text Messages From The Real Housewives


Andy Cohen just released his book; Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries, and he’s dishing more Housewives scoop than ever. That includes being in constant contact with all the ladies at all times, and he is revealing some of the crazy things they say.

“I think what people don’t realize about me is that I really have a constant going with the Housewives and very random Househusbands on my phone,” Andy told The Daily Dish. “So, yeah, Slade Smiley will text me every so often.”

In the clip below, Andy read off the number of texts he’s received from a number of ladies, including Tamra Judge (“Looking good, stud”), Vicki Gunvalson (who even sent him a photo of her desk and a pile of insurance work), Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Shereé Whitfield, Shannon Beador, and Bethenny Frankel. “This is my life, absolutely,” he said. “Sometimes they’re mad at me. Sometimes they’re not.”

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17 Replies to “Andy Cohen Reads Text Messages From The Real Housewives”

  1. Thanks to Bon V all I can think about now is who this couple are? It’s really annoying! Could it be Kim and Kroy? Just a thought!

    1. The sexually interested couple are not his employees or related to his shows, just a pair he’s apparently met in his pooching across the globe, with the wife being a fan of his. Andy may be hedonistic and messy, and some poor child that should have been born on the disco floor of Regine’s or Studio 54 -but someone as plastic or unintelligent as Kim Zolziak or someone who resembles her wouldn’t cut it. I mentioned the Housewives only in the context of looks and archetype, and not seeing any of those women (or how they look) representing something he would be attracted to. When you look at his social circle and lifestyle, he gravitates towards an Esquire Magazine aesthetic for males, Harper’s Bazaar for females, with a big splash of J. Crew thrown into both sexes. The men in his circle tend to look like any movie star in a shirtless spread for People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue. But I can’t picture what kind of woman would get him all fluttered enough know…(face palm) !

      1. Good morning Suze & Bon V , I read somewhere along the way that Andy said if he was straight or something to that effect that Joanne ? from the old Miami housewives show would be his type. He thinks she’s the cat’s pajamas 🙂

  2. I like Andy. I was really surprised when I came to this blog and read how many posters really dislike him. I can’t think of anyone who could round up all the ladies from every city and do the reunion like he does. It takes talent, patience, and love to do what he does. And, it was his brainchild after all. I don’t care if he whips them up into a frenzy, that is what the shows all are now. No one could whip me up if I didn’t want to be, so the ladies really need to be given the responsibility for that anyway.

    1. I haven’t liked Andy since he named Michelle Duggar as jack hole of the week after she had a miscarriage. I get that Andy dislikes people who think differently than he does (after all, he is a member of the “tolerant” party) but he is truly a hateful leftist who is so narrow-minded he can see through a keyhole with both eyes. I have little tolerance for his cruelty towards people who have never done anything to him. He was a bit humbled by Trump’s win, so there’s that. He is a bully though, just ask Nene.

    1. Why do posters keep saying that. I’ll answer for me. Because sometimes I watch thinking I will enjoy the guest, and then see something I dislike or makes me gag. Then I want to say so, which “open forum” is used for.
      And, maybe I watch to be able to then vent my shitty day on here. Easy peasy, no big theoretical mystery.

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