Andy Cohen Reacts to Luann D’Agostino Marriage Gossip

It certainly seems like everyone has something to say about RHONY star Luann D’Agostino’s marriage to Tom D’Agostino, and up until now we haven’t heard from Andy Cohen.

“I don’t think they have bad intentions regarding Luann. I think they have serious concerns that they’re trying to voice. I think they’re trying to be good girlfriends. But it’s that age-old question: Do you shut your mouth with your girlfriend or do you speak up?” Andy told “At some point they’re going to have to shut their mouths.”

Do you agree with Andy?

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9 Replies to “Andy Cohen Reacts to Luann D’Agostino Marriage Gossip”

  1. I agree with Andy. There’s a boundry line here. The women brought their concerns to Luann who chose of her own free will to turn a blind eye. There’s nothing more to be done, except to wash their hands of it & accept their friends’s choice & end the talk.

  2. LouAnn knows exactly what she is doing – and that is – doing exactly what she wants to do. They need to let it go – LouAnn doesn’t want to hear it whether its true or not.

  3. Luann and Tom are swingers. If you watch the last couple of episodes she make little comments about she likes their lifestyle, (she and her last husband were swinging also). She knows what she is getting into but didn’t want to say on camera that they like to step out on each other and live a free lifestyle. Watch very carefully the last 3 episodes.
    On another note was watching the one a couple of years ago where the went to Morocco and the fortune teller told Ramona that she sees another woman in the picture!!! How strange that came true!

    1. Both LuAnn and Tom are known among the tightly-closed swinging community of NYC, LuAnn’s ex, the Frenchman, was known as well, even Sonja in her heyday was no stranger to swinger’s parties. Their parties are private, both in the city and in the Hamptons…it’s also common knowledge that both Tom and the French count swing both ways

  4. Ramona, Ramona and the gang giving relationship advice? Comical!
    I love how they act so concerned about Luann ( who they obviously don’t care about and try to destroy each other..
    This season gets stranger and stranger.
    Ramona & Bethanny ? Wowzer!
    They both have lost their minds..
    Back to CNN..

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