Andy Cohen Reacts to Kelly Dodd’s Husband Michael’s Rude Tweets


Andy Cohen responded to being trashed on Twitter by Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd’s husband during his Sirius XM show on Monday.

A caller asked him about the tweets on Radio Andy. “Oh my God,” Andy said as he read the tweets around. “It’s that moment where I find out I’m being trashed on Twitter by a Real Housewife’s husband. Oh my God, thanks for telling me about this. I mean, Michael Dodd? Your wife is on my crappy show.”

Andy learned that Dodd was referring to his show, Watch What Happens Live. “I am very proud of my little talk show, Michael Dodd,” Andy responded.

“AC needs to stop writing crappy books & fix his crap show,” Dodd wrote. “AC had nothing to do with it. Can’t recognize talent.”


Earlier this month, Michael also tweeted, “Kelly doesn’t care whether AC likes her or not. She kisses nobody’s ass.”

What do you think of Michael’s comments? Andy didn’t seem pleased.

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47 Replies to “Andy Cohen Reacts to Kelly Dodd’s Husband Michael’s Rude Tweets”

    1. Andy and Bravo are whores for ratings. They don’t give 2 craps about a husband flapping his gums if the ratings are good. Even though I tended to side with Kelly in terms of the HYPOCRISY of Tamra, Heather and Shannon this season but I don’t think Kelly will be back. She can’t really fight on the same level as the other RHOC and she’s quick to throw a tantrum like a two year old. I bet she’s already been cut that’s why her husband is talking so much crap about Andy.

      1. EVERYONE on the show, around the show, employees of the show, the ladies on the show and the pets (giggy has contract with Bravo) everyone involved in this show or ANY show push for ratings that is how they stay on the air.
        Now would someone tell me what the hell Michael meant in his comment “AC doesn’t recognize talent? Does he mean Kelly? or Himself. I cannot figure what the hell he is talking about. Help me out here guys.

        1. I stopped watching last season because of Vicki so just keep up here and with clips. That’s more than enough for me and I won’t be back while Vicki stays so I guess that means I just carry on the way I am now. I haven’t missed it. I would miss the people here if I didn’t comment!

    1. She is like Brandi if she continues to bring drama and viewers to the show Andy and Bravo are going to talk return. That is why people need to say they won’t watch the show. She and her man need to hit the road. They are rude disgusting people. She has no manners or respect for anyone.

  1. This is NOT how a “man” acts. This is how a little kid acts hiding behind a computer. Andy could care less about you. Kelly needs to go ASAP anyway. She’s like an oozing scab.

  2. Another example of how Kelly and Michael are INSANE and not even on the same page! Were they having a fight that day and he decided to sabotage his wife??! Silly and immature. Or maybe just drunk!

    1. Come on sandy , let’s not make fun of the sad divorced fat lonely lady 🙂 LOLOLOLOL. Since we are spilling our dirty Landry, I may have a yeast infection ! Can you imagine 🙂

        1. I am old, fat and losing it – nothing Rae says makes sense to me. His/her comments seem off the wall on whatever blog i am reading.

            1. I love you Suse ❤️❤️But to be honest you’ve seen pictures of me – I am fat but happy. Love you much ❌❌⭕️⭕️❌❌

              1. Aunt Bee you are a beautiful soul . I’m sure you’re just as lovely in person as you are here . If you are a bit fluffy who cares . More to love in my opinion . You are a true lady

              2. EX-CUUUSE me, Miss Bee, but I like to think of all voluptuous women here as rubenesque. We ruled a period in art history after all. ❤️❤️❤️

                1. You gals are very sweet and making me laugh. Stop it – it hurts when I laugh —I had a tailbone accident TG evening. On the mend. Doing ok except when I laugh.

                  1. Feel better soon Bee ❤️❤️❤️
                    I hope your PIA clears up soon.
                    (Just giggle) Love ya Bee XOXOXO

          1. I think they allow the patients in the psych. wing have time on the Internet too.
            Schizophrenics are known for their flight of ideas/rambling from one thing to the next/not so connected thoughts. It could also be someone with an eating disorder who has a distorted body image as well, and is obsessed with weight, etc.
            You are not losing it!

          2. Now, Bee, let’s not give ammo/food to the trolls.
            Don’t you know we are all young supermodels?! We have gorgeous long hair, no Botox or fillers, bikini bods, winning smiles and perfect skin. 🙂
            You do have a winning smile too! You are hot! 🙂

    2. Of course, after drunk and oozing scab, naturally Raebies post was there, so your always educated explanation is now my fave. Of course, as usual with this disorder, the projection “issues” patient is here, reading, posting, responding, and pretending he is a she, hoping it eventually falls off. The MOST hilarious part is that it’s 29 D. out, and 9:20. So, to be outside gardening right now would be idiotic, something I never am, so I come to my blog where many of those I love write. There are so many kinds of love, that it is truly sad when any person, no matter how hateful and sick, can’t see anything but ugly, and looking in the mirror must be a horrifying way to start the day. oxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Thanks 3 D’s. Some people just are unhappy souls I imagine.

        I am always amazed that the desert gets that cold. I thought it was always hot there. We have 30s and 40s lately. The wind was bad the last couple of days so it was very cold, especially in the morning…that damp cold that chills to your bones.
        Have a nice rest of the day. xoxo❤️

    1. I kind of got the feeling that with Meagan leaving Kelly was up in the air anyway. I think she was starting to see another side of Vicky and she doesn’t like the other girls anyway. I can’t see her there alone being so young and explosive. Kelly said that Michael was a mean drunk (like all of them). So they probably just decided go for it. I think this show doesn’t have many seasons left anyway. All of them are become mirrors of one another and it is boring and sad.

  3. Kelly was probably drunk again and sent those tweets from her husbands account so she wouldn’t have to apologize for her bad behavior….again. Lol!!!!!

  4. Where did they find Kelly anyway? Was she ever really a friend of Meghan’s? I can only see that they have little in common other than wealthy, older husbands. Then again, maybe that is what makes friendships?? They can go shopping?!

    1. The production company actually casted Dodd 3 years ago, but she had a change of heart because Michael was still at the helm of a publicly traded corporation and they were concerned about backlash affecting his business, so she was replaced with the thin Cristian girl who publishes the local magazine in their neck of the woods (Lydia something?). Fast forward to him now being retired and having no Board of Anyone to answer to, and well…we get what we got with the Dodds this season…

      1. Lydia McLaughlin, yes, I remember.
        Bon Vivant, I love how you know so much background information about so many of the Housewives, etc. Thanks for sharing.

  5. There was no need for Michael Todd to disrespect Andy like that. It was a low thing to do. Maybe he was drunk. Drunk or not, no excuse for verbal insults.

    1. Hi, Starr of the skye. I believe he was drunk too. He spends a lot of time that way as most alcoholics do, and Kelly is the perfect match for him. That way they can both fight and believe later that it was because their brains were under the influence. It does prove the statement that money does not buy happiness. ❤️☆

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