Andy Cohen: No More Props Allowed At Housewives Reunions


After an overwhelming number of comments from viewers about the fight that took place between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Andy Cohen is speaking out.

Many viewers took to Twitter and blogs to express that they believed Porsha was provoked by Kenya’s props at the reunion, which led to their physical altercation. People asked Andy and the network why Kenya was allowed to bring props such as her Specter and megaphone to taunt the other women.

Andy finally spoke out on Twitter, revealing, “It’s official – no more props at reunions.”


Do you agree with this decision?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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17 Comments on "Andy Cohen: No More Props Allowed At Housewives Reunions"

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I absolutely agree there should be no props! That should have been self evident before the problem.

What about guns?

I agree with most people who say Andy was egging Kenya on with her props. I’m glad they enforced this rule, now like the caller said to him on WWHL tonight- if only all the other people who have physical fought would have the same punishment…

Andy was put on notice that’s why they made new rule on props not allowed at reunions, the only two character’s that have used props are krazykenya and Mrs. Quad- now that the rules are set, lets see what krazykenya will use as props lmao, I’m thinking she’ll just use her hanky to wipe her greasy face full of sweat, that’s about all the props they’ll allow.

Glad Porsha swepted the floor with KrazyKenya, that ought to teach her to keep her big fat trap shut.

Finally….Andy was forced to make the comment about no props.

What ultimately will happen is RHOA and their antics will get blamed for screwing it up for everyone else! If everyone else can handle what is contracted, I.e drama, without stepping out of bounds, why can’t the city with the dark skinned housewives do it?! Another example of how violent black is and the resulting outcomes. If Bravo had any real sense, it would fine some sane black women and put them on. Of course, that would be boring and wouldn’t sell. I’m waiting for a philosophical reasoning from Ms. Leakes (translated blaming) as to who was really at fault:… Read more »

New Jersey has always had that violent undercurrent, as well. It’s not a black vs. white thing.

Andy should have taken the props from Kenya! Understood, that Porsha is over 21 and should take responsibility for her actions but from the very beginning I have felt that Kenya, Andy Cohen and Bravo should also take responsibility for the hand they played in it as well. There is only so much a person can take!!! Mother Theresa could not have sat their calmly with a bull horn in her face enduring the insults being spewed. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Shame, shame on Bravo and on Andy.


About time.

I saw the reunion show and it should be all
on Andy! He set the tone for this brawl.
You encouraged Kenya the bully. It’s all on
Andy. Kenya drop charges…you are Fired.
Porsha I am sorry for encouraging this behavior.

Andy caves to the mean girls once again. Bravo: I thought you all had a zero tolerance for violence?! So…you’re saying assaulting someone for a verbal attack is okay? Doesn’t Bravo/franchises bear some responsibility? Kenya is once again blamed for the uncouth actions of cast-mates. Schools USED to have Zero tolerance. Now they don’t. Teaching common courtesy and caring for your fellow man has taken a.back test scores and fed money. Bravo and Andy cave to ratings. If Andy were in control of his “group”…no need to use “props” or if less mature gals were bound by rules…It is… Read more »

that should have been the policy long ago! Now the next thing to get rid of is KENYA!!

Andy: Why don’t you use the bull-horn (or”blow-horn” as Portia says)??? That way you wouldn’t have to yell “STFU”??
A whistle might work…or a glass enclosed sound proof penalty box.
Whatever your decision…stop blaming Kenya for stupid acts of violence.
You all have a responsibility to American culture…not criminals! Keep fomenting violence and you’ll be doing your part in overloading our prisons.

No moral conscience…you are right about props…but Andy should use to control the “talk overs” as no one can be heard or understood. Portia was coached.

i thought Kenya was definitely to blame. the props added to the melee. actually Kenya defends hersel as being an intelligent woman. well, she should listen to herself again. her repertoire on dicks was far more disgusting than
the actual brawl with porsha. she really put herself in a very lowclass category in that discussion.

Andy is totally responsible. Does anyone find it funny that you have a gay man egging all of these women on to look silly. Bravo should remove Andy. He knew what he was doing that evening. If there is to be a change we need to petition the companies that participate with commercials on the shows. If Porshe is fired I will never watch another Housewife Show….it is all Andy’s fault….