Andy Cohen Is Optimistic About The Return Of Real Housewives Of Miami


Andy Cohen was in Miami to promote his new book recently and he met up with the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami. At a Miami Book Fair he posed for pictures with Lea Black, Marysol Patton, Alexia Echevarria and Adriana de Moura to catch up and dish about the fate of the show, which still hangs in the balance.

“I love Miami,” Andy said, adding that he is “optimistic” about the possibility of the show returning.

“Never say never. And I never do!” he told the Miami Herald.

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10 Replies to “Andy Cohen Is Optimistic About The Return Of Real Housewives Of Miami”

    1. agreed – she is so annoying! her voice and her attitude just drives me nuts. she’s very beautiful, but i don’t think that has helped her develop a beautiful personality. she reminds me of a chihuahua that just keeps yapping, nipping and snarling.

  1. A total re-cast or a major cast shake up would be good. Joanna has already left, I’d fire Marysol, Lea & Lisa. Bring back Adrianna, Alexia, get Joanna to sign back on and build the cast around them 3. I’d love to see Ana and Karent back but it wouldn’t help the ratings, unfortunately. I think it could be too late either way. It’s 3 seasons in and it still feels like it’s just been introduced.

  2. I’ve been to Miami, I love the show and the cast. I’ve lived in Dallas and Boston. Yawn never do a real housewife In those cities. hurry up bring Miami back with everyone from season 2!

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