Andy Cohen On RHONJ Season 5, “Expect The Unexpected!”

On Saturday April 6, Bravo’s Andy Cohen will dish info on his life-long love with pop culture and share stories from his career at The Borgata in Atlantic City. ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star, Heather Thompson, will be moderating the conversation, and she has even tweeted for viewers to send her questions to ask Andy. Andy is gearing up for his event by speaking to about the upcoming Season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. What are you most looking forward to doing while in Atlantic City?

Cohen: I can’t wait to meet people at The Borgata and answer their questions.

Are the rumors true, will Gia Casey, wife of Power 105.1’s DJ Envy, be joining the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Cohen: Not that I know of, but never say never!

What’s your favorite catch phrase uttered by one of the RHONJ?

Cohen: OMG, too many to count. ‘Prostitution Whore’ and ‘Let me tell you something about my family’ are at the top of my list.

We read that Teresa and Melissa have made up? Is that true and do you think it will last?

Cohen: The new season is incredible; expect the unexpected.

What do you think about the Manzo boys opening a restaurant in Hoboken? Will you be dining there anytime soon?

Cohen: I would love to check it out! I’m happy for those guys.

As you can tell, Andy is not revealing very much about the new Season, but says “expect the unexpected,” trying to gear fans up for another intense Season of RHONJ, so of course he’s not going to say much.

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3 Replies to “Andy Cohen On RHONJ Season 5, “Expect The Unexpected!””

  1. Really Andy, really! The blogs and twitter are always one step ahead of your fake, predictable storylines. You have 2 books that desperatelt need sales and your constant bias toward your favorite people on this show kinda make you tranparently stupid at this point. We all know the fake friendships and need for drama. Your sickening Manzo/ Gorgas/ Lauritas will, as usual, always get a pass no matter how completely hated they really are in the real world. You have a small cult following of sheep who believe your crap and then there is the massive audience who hate your crap but have remained loyal to Teresa. But now it appears there is a growing group who no longer want to watch your ridiculous shows. We do not enjoy the tired same old trash that is not entertainment and really just so predictable and fake – we find reading the blogs and social media is much more interesting and honest. Just because Teresa is a dutiful employee and may forgive and forget, does NOT mean her fans will. You have ruined a wonderful franchise that, I for one, would never miss. Now, I only look forard to the blogs and such-it is now my way of keeping up with the cast members and I have much better things to do than watch Bravo, WWHL, or any of the shows you have made into soap operas with people who cannot act, or for some, speak a complete sentence, pronounce everday words, and one or two who apparently can’t even read. The New Jersey crew is a group of complete trash losers with Federal fraud problems and all appear to be so broke they have to do whatever it takes for that Bravo paycheck. You have shredded families apart and used these insecure, desperate and most of which are lowlife despicable people. Drugs, alcohol, using children for storylines – it is bottom feeder at best. You are failing and I think you know it.

  2. Well, I’m expecting yelling, screaming, insults thrown left and right, and, at some point, a physical altercation. And, let’s not forget back-stabbing and passive-aggressive behavior!

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