Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump Talk Eileen Davidson Leaving the Show

As we reported, Eileen Davidson isn’t going to return on the upcoming season of the RHOBH. Andy Cohen recently spoke with Access Hollywood about Davidson’s departure and who might take her place.

Andy said, I love Eileen!”  So with Eileen leaving, “that means there is space for a new Housewife doesn’t it?”

As for the rumors about Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof returning, after they were spotted in Las Vegas filming with the cast, Andy said, “I cannot confirm or deny anything at this point, “I always want former housewives to come back …. so I would love it.”

Lisa Vanderpump also gave her opinion about Eileen not coming back. “It’s always good to have the cast kind of turn over a bit. It, you know, keeps it fresh,” Lisa said at a Vanderpump Dogs event according to RealityTea.

“Listen – I hope she’s successful in her future. She had a good time on the show,” Lisa shrugged, “but I didn’t get on with her obviously, so I’ve gotta be honest.”

Lisa also talked about the women’s recent trip to Las Vegas. “Of course I had fun in Vegas, and you know: what happens in Vegas comes right back home with you!”

As for the news that there is a new Housewife, Teddi Jo Mellencamp, Lisa said, “I’m not allowed to confirm that or deny.”

Lisa did said that Adrienne was in Las Vegas, “as a friend,” adding, “having the OG’s kind of come in… it’s organic really.”

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16 Replies to “Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump Talk Eileen Davidson Leaving the Show”

  1. If the cast has to be kept fresh then Lisa should be the first one to go…shes as stale and not fresh as a salad from McD, shes been in the show forever and she’s run out of material,she’s just and old bag surrounded with dogs

  2. Lisa is right on this one, they should fire some of the boring old ladies like lvp herself cause, let’s face it, she doesn’t bring much to the show. The Yulin meat festival has been her storyline for 3 seasons already. Move on. Her support of the lgbt community, same, she has businesses in west hollywood of course she’s going to keep talking about her support…. she’s good, but not that good lol. Eileen had what none of them could get, a successful acting carreer.

    1. Bingo! And that’s why Lisa hated Eileen, she wanted her acting job(s)! Lisa always wished she was the star of her own soap like a Erica Kaine or or Ashley Abbott! Hello down there I see you Rainbow❤️

  3. Great that Eileen is not returning & like LVP, I, from here, did not get along with her in my mind either. She brought the soaps with her.

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