Andy Cohen Gives Siggy Flicker Social Media Advice

If you follow RHONJ on social media, you’ve probably seen the feud between Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs, but an insider is claiming that Andy Cohen has advised Flicker to take a break from social media.

Andy told Siggy to “get off Twitter,” pointing out that responding to social media trolls will drive her “f*cking insane,” a source told Page Six.

“Take the poison out of your life,” Cohen said to Flicker, adding that she’s not required to be as responsive on social media as she is, saying that “it’s toxic.”

Cohen suggested Flicker take the Twitter app off her phone or mute any haters instead of blocking them because they’ll create another account and “come back like a cockroach.”

After giving her this advice, Andy hugged Siggy.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Samh09

    That’s A typical advice from Andy to the housewives. “Stay off social media.” He does it himself on facebook, twitter and you tube. Although, there is one guy he responds to that gets under his skin on FB and it is funny, in my opinion, anyway.

  • Starr

    Siggy should heed Andy’s advice. She’s showing a side this season that is unreasonable in behavior.

  • Heather

    Good advice. There are so many dark souls roaming about. It is definitely toxic.

  • Nancy

    Especially bc she displays such irrational behavior. U can tell by her postings that she wants every1 to like her. However when that’s not the case she blocks ppl. Not me I don’t follow her or others except Bethenny 4 her humanitarian efforts! Others have posted what she responds when she doesn’t get the response she lives 4! It’s almost psychopathic. She has this need 4 approval. On the show her reactions R the same. She has confirmed she needs hormone replacement but I believe there’s something more. Just saying. I feel she’s a very mean person & will do anything2 stay on that show! I never trusted her or Dolores. IMO! I’m out. Peace!

  • cat62

    Agree with Andy. Just because its available doesn’t mean you need to look at it or respond to it. Some people do it on purpose. Don’t take the bait. I am sure you are a nice person but this year you look really unhinged.