Andy Cohen Gives Siggy Flicker Social Media Advice

If you follow RHONJ on social media, you’ve probably seen the feud between Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs, but an insider is claiming that Andy Cohen has advised Flicker to take a break from social media.

Andy told Siggy to “get off Twitter,” pointing out that responding to social media trolls will drive her “f*cking insane,” a source told Page Six.

“Take the poison out of your life,” Cohen said to Flicker, adding that she’s not required to be as responsive on social media as she is, saying that “it’s toxic.”

Cohen suggested Flicker take the Twitter app off her phone or mute any haters instead of blocking them because they’ll create another account and “come back like a cockroach.”

After giving her this advice, Andy hugged Siggy.

Photo Credit: Bravo