Is Andy Cohen Feuding With Teresa Giudice?


Some of you might have noticed that Teresa Giudice was schedule to appear on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, but instead Bravo replaced Giudice with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. It has been reported that Teresa felt extremely betrayed by Andy Cohen’s comments about her legal sentence during a show last week with Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper.

A caller asked Kelly Ripa how she felt about the Giudices airing their legal issues to get sympathy to avoid jail time.

“They didn’t get out of jail to be on the Housewives of New Jersey,” Cohen stated. “They’ll do whatever time they do.”

Anderson Cooper asks, “Isn’t she going to jail?”

“No that have been sentenced yet,” Andy replies. “I think her question is are we making sympathy for them.”

“When I look at her little girl, of course, you cannot help but have your heart ripped out of your chest,” Kelly Ripa said. “Having said that, I think we have a legal process for a reason. I don’t think that judges are persuaded by what’s happening on television… I don’t think there’s a judge sitting over this trial that’s going to say, ‘Oh last night on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.’ I really don’t think that will impact it.”

Cohen continues, “This is a woman we’ve followed since the beginning of the show and this is something that she has now plead guilty on and we’re now still following them and we are seeing what life is like after. It’s a continuation of seeing what’s going on in the lives [sic] of this person and one or both of them will be going…”

RadarOnline reports that days later, on Thursday night, Giudice was overheard sobbing on the phone about the remarks during a promotional event for her Fabellini wine in New York City.

“She [Teresa] just would prefer that Andy not make any comments about the sentencing, because she doesn’t want to do anything that could impact what the punishment will be,” an insider tells the site. “It’s one thing for the legal proceedings to play out on the show, but Andy isn’t a lawyer, and shouldn’t discuss things he knows nothing about.”

Despite his comments on the show, Giudice said she “will honor her commitment to appear on Andy’s show Sunday night,” the source confirmed. “No one can ever say that Teresa isn’t professional​. She hopes not to discuss the sentencing, and instead focus on the show, and other projects and charities she is supporting.”

But then, Teresa’s appearance on WWHL was cancelled.

“Teresa was notified by Bravo on Friday that her appearance on Sunday’s show was being canceled,” a Bravo insider tells RadarOnline. “No official reason was given, but the network has been upset with Teresa for not doing as many promotional appearances for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.“

Andy’s comments “pushed Teresa over the edge,” the insider says. “She felt so betrayed by Andy.”

“For someone who has claimed to be one of Teresa’s best friends, Andy has turned his back on her,” the insider concludes.

When confronted on Twitter, Cohen insists he has not been insensitive to Teresa and Joe’s legal situation. “I’m not being cruel I don’t understand what you are asking me. Teresa is v open abt what she’s going through,” a seemingly confused Andy responded to one of Teresa’s fans.

When another fan tweeted Andy and said he was looking forward to Giudice’s appearance on the show, he responded, “GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!”

Photo Credit: RadarOnline/Bravo