Does Andy Cohen Have A Favorite Real Housewife?


In this new clip from the WWHL Clubhouse Brandi Glanville flips the script on Andy Cohen and asks him questions that she wrote for him; including did Bravo ever contact LeAnn Rimes to join the cast RHOBH?

Brandi tells Cohen that everyone is aware that Lisa Vanderpump is his favorite Housewife and that he begged her to come back to RHOBH. Andy denies begging Lisa, but admits that he thought it was important for the show for Vanderpump to return.

“I think for you to say that she is my favorite Housewife of all of the Housewives… I know that’s what all of you think in Beverly Hills,” Andy says. “But I’ve tried very hard to be fair with everybody.”

Brandi continues and tells Andy that she thinks he has a favorite Housewife for each city.

“You have Teresa for Jersey, you have NeNe for Atlanta, you have Lisa Vanderpump for Beverly Hills, Carole for New York, and Vicki for Orange County,” Brandi says to which Andy laughs.

Brandi continues to grill Andy and asks, “Did you or the producers ever try to get LeAnn Rimes on the show?”

“I don’t think so,” he replies. “I have never and she was pitched to this show [WWHL] and I didn’t have her on because I just figured it would not be the best business. If I had her on… for our business relationship, I don’t think that would be smart. So I didn’t out of deference to you.”

Andy does admit he would love for her to be a Housewife because of the drama it would bring to the show. Brandi replies, “Bring it!”

Watch the interview below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Does Andy Cohen Have A Favorite Real Housewife?”

  1. So let me get this straight. Brandi hates on Lisa for an entire year, leads a coup against her former BFF/Mentor and stabs her in the back because Lisa has her employee Shaena, who she has employed for years before even meeting Brandi, be part of her show and her new show VP Rules. But when Andy Cohan says he’d like to have the woman who actually broke up her marriage, stalked her on Twitter and got into social media pissing contests with her on the show, she replies heartily, “Bring It!”
    Hypocrite much Brandi?

    1. Seriously! Brandi was just looking for a reason to defend what she did last season. She knows the Scheana thing is a load of poo!

  2. I agree with Karen 100%! Also Brandi creates drama to gang up on ppl. Have u noticed that since everyone is friends with Lisa this season, now she’s trying to mend their friendship? She’s the odd one out and now she’s back peddling.

  3. Brandi just doesn’t fit in with these group of women never did and never will. She’s a Drunk lunatic who should have never been a housewife on this show she had brought Trash to show ….hope this is her last season

  4. All the BH’s Housewives “made up” with Lisa V., because SHE is the show. brandi’s “take-down Lisa coup” was an epic fail. brandi is total trash, trampon cannot even find a home to live in and only stays relevant by using the same tired “poor widdle me” storyline (hurl). No sympathy for this evil tripe……….

  5. Brandi has become the it girl of B.H franchise. Love her or hate her, she gets the most publicly on that show. Brandi knows exactly what she is doing. She is a smart woman like it or not.
    Its clear to me that Bettany is Andy’s girl. I believe she is his favorite.

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