Andy Cohen To Dish About The Housewives In New Book; Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries


Andy Cohen’s new book; Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries comes out Tuesday and there’s no shortage of juicy gossip about The Real Housewives in it.

“The Housewives are getting copies before the book comes out and, honestly, I don’t know who will be mad,” he told The Daily Dish.

Cohen shared that it’s his revelations with his relationship with RHONJ star Teresa Giudice that may stand out to some fans. “I printed a lot of emails that Teresa and I sent to each other in prison,” he said. “Sometimes my recollections of the emails are a little tongue in cheek, so I hope she takes them in that way.”

Andy also wrote about a secret meeting he had with Giudice before she reported to FCI Danbury. “I also wrote about a top-secret lunch that Teresa and I had right before she went to jail where we got a lot off of our chest. She told me how hurt she had been by me sometimes on episodes of Watch What Happens Live, she had left the show feeling like I had made fun of her or I had hurt her feelings,” he said, before recalling, “I had made a joke about her about how she might look in an orange jumpsuit. We didn’t wind up using that in the one-on-one that I did because it was inappropriate and I apologized to her.”

“I wanted to have lunch with her because I didn’t know if I would ever see her again, frankly,” he said. “I didn’t know if she would be coming back to the show , if we would be waiting to do the show until she came out.”

“I think she’s more vulnerable than people realize and I think she’s also stronger than people realize,” he said. “So it’s a weird juxtaposition, which is what makes her interesting. I was amazed by her spirit when she was in jail. She was very upbeat and she wasn’t feeling sorry for herself, which is more than I could maybe say for myself if the roles were reversed.”

Will you be reading Andy’s book?

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10 Replies to “Andy Cohen To Dish About The Housewives In New Book; Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries”

    1. It might not be..according to interviews I think this time around he’ll get around to revealing how close he is to losing his “Gold Star” gay status. That I wouldn’t necessarily find unusual, but apparently the woman is so much of a fan it makes the situation potentially awkward. Forget the fluidity of it all as it’s not my job to police the sexual inclinations of others, but someone needs to explain to him that it’s never a good idea to cross that kind of boundary with a fan. I predict a disastrous ending if it comes to pass.

        1. He did an interview recently where he had to clear up (for the younger host) what being a “Gold Star Gay” means. After they found out it means being a homosexual who’s never had relations with the opposite sex, he was asked if had at least ever been curious. He revealed that in fact, he was propositioned by a married couple in recent years where he, gasp of gasps, actually felt curious and was open explore a “scenario” with them. The wife however, is such a big fan of his, that it threw the chemistry off – but they have had text communications since and maybe one day it could still happen.

          I don’t actually want to know who it is per say, but my nosy Nelly side is curious what the physical type and aesthetic is the woman who could make Cohen bi-curious. I can’t picture any housewife on any of the franchises having a “look” that could errrm, how does the saying go, “wet his whistle” ?

  1. I didn’t buy his last book so I probably won’t buy this one. I read excerpts from it on line. But I do wonder how much of it is true when he talked about the housewives. He didn’t name them but he described them by shading them in and using their colloquialisms. Hmmmm…..

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