Andy Cohen Confronts Joe Giudice About Gay Slurs!

In this preview for the unseen footage special coming up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Andy Cohen finally has the opportunity to confront Joe Giudice about the gay slurs he has used over the past four seasons on the show. You can watch the video below on your phone or on your computer.

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Tell Us- Do you think Joe’s remarks are offensive?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


One Reply to “Andy Cohen Confronts Joe Giudice About Gay Slurs!”

  1. OMG STOP calling what Juicy said on the show , GAY SLURS, and GET Over it already!! How about getting out of the 80s! My Sons have been calling their friends gay, homo, fag forever and not once did it have anything to do with sexual preference. For those of us, who do not care what someone’s sexual preference is, those words mean one thing only. It’s means you are ACTING like a GIRL!!! The Loose hole part was not about all gays..that was directly at Greggy because of how Greggy chose how to portray himself. Plus, we all know that if any of the other MEN on the show said that, it would have been the JOKE of the year!!! Someone needs to tell Andy Cohen that he does not get to tell everyone what they mean when they say it!

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