Andy Cohen Confirms Danielle Staub Is In Talks To Return To RHONJ Season 8

Andy Cohen is confirming that Danielle Staub is officially in talks to return to next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

That’s right, Cohen told Hollywood Life that Staub “is in discussion” to make a comeback. “We are casting Jersey right now,” he added.

Danielle has had her fair share of drama with the ladies over the years, but now that she had made amends with Teresa Giudice, her enemy would be RHONJ alum, Jacqueline Laurita. Staub told the site she thinks Jacqueline is “bat sh*t crazy,” adding, “I don’t want relationship with someone that insane.”

If Danielle does sign on for season 8, there’s a good chance she’ll reveal dirty secrets about Jacqueline.

Do you want to see Danielle return to RHONJ?

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9 Replies to “Andy Cohen Confirms Danielle Staub Is In Talks To Return To RHONJ Season 8”

  1. After reading about the bullying Danielle’s daughters were subjected to she deserves whatever she wants (within reason) especially it benefits her daughters.
    Jaqevil also deserves whatever she gets. She is off the Rails and way too cocky.

  2. Jacqueline was the only one on her side in the begining, it’s sad that she’s willing to go back just to trash jacqueline… #trash

    1. Jay ITA. I’m not a big fan of Jacq but she took a lot …a LOT of heat for being Daniele’s friend and we all know Tre made amends with Danielle only so she can dig her stiletto heels into Jacq neck. no loyalties. no caring friendships. show should be called The Real Backstabbers of New Jersey!!

      1. Yup. And Teresa didn’t make up with jacqueline at the reunion too? I mean Teresa is so transparent, it’s crazy how someone like Melissa can stand having that in her life and pretend everything is okay.

  3. These RH shows aren’t about the wealthy life styles of housewives, its about women who pretend to be rich, meanwhile are in bankruptcy , criminals. The whole concept of these shows has been abandoned for women behaving ugly to each other, outing peoples personal secrets. Harking their false companies. As much I can’t stand Jacquline , I can remember having the same feelings about Danielle.

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