Andy Cohen Calls Lisa Vanderpump an “Iconic” Housewife

It’s no secret that Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump have had a special relationship over their years at Bravo together. With the news that Lisa has quit The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls, Cohen is reacting to losing one of his favorite Housewives.

As far as Lisa not attending the reunion taping this year, Andy said, “I wish she had been there. What can I tell you? I really wish she would have been there and I think she would have done great. And I think she actually could have left with some resolution.”

Cohen went on to say that no one will ever replace the infamous LVP. “No one will ever replace her. And no one can replace her. I mean, it has been well documented that when we were developing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I was not totally sold on doing the show … But when I saw Lisa Vanderpump on that casting tape, man, she was the one who really sold me on doing the show.”

He continued, “She is iconic. And I am so glad that we will continue to see more of Lisa — in all of her glory — on Vanderpump Rules … she will always be the queen of diamonds in the Bravo universe.”

Cohen went on to say that “people come and go but the show remains” and that regardless of losing LVP, someone else will come in wow viewers with their own story.

“The door will always be open to Lisa,” he revealed.

I want to know how you feel about Lisa leaving the show? I am definitely going to miss her but I am an avid Vanderpump Rules fan.


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