Andy Cohen & Bethenny Frankel Had A Falling Out Claim Perez & RadarOnline! Andy Sets The Record Straight!

Are former BFF’s Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel not friends anymore? According to RadarOnline and Perez Hilton Bethenny is turning her back on her roots. “Bethenny has basically completely snubbed Andy,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline. “He has asked her to do his show multiple times over the past year and she has refused because she wants to distance herself from the housewives franchise. Andy is very hurt by Bethenny’s actions because he made her a star by badgering Bravo to give her a spin-off which was enormously popular. Once Bethenny formally signed the deal for her own talk show with Telepictures, she kicked Andy to the curb, never to look back. Andy thought Bethenny would always be loyal to him, but he realizes he got used by her.”

“He has done so much for her, and not just TV wise. During the launch of Skinnygirl Andy proudly promoted it by featuring it as a prop on his show for over two years! Yes, Bethenny is extremely talented but for her to turn her back on Andy is just disgusting. What goes around comes around, Bethenny is on top of the world right now but that might not last. Andy won’t be able to forget how quickly she ditched him once she got her own show.” the source adds.

Andy Cohen took to his Twitter to respond to this report saying, “sorry folks, @Bethenny DID invite me on her show & she’s coming on mine in a week. What else you got? @PerezHilton”

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  1. Seriously from one #FabJew to two others, forget Perez, not that I don’t love his incendiary commentary, even the court jester has an important place in our “realitarian” world, but lets take a page from @iamheather and just show everyone your beautiful spirits

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