Andy Cohen: Is He Single? Does He Cast The Housewives?

Andy Cohen

In this new video from Bravo, Andy Cohen is answering viewer questions from Twitter, right from his desk in the Bravo offices! Some of the questions are simple, and some are completely crazy! Andy reveals who his favorite and least favorite guests have been on Watch What Happens Live! Also, does he have any plans for another book?

He also talks about his life mantra, Walter’s radio interview that discredits his relationship with Kenya Moore, if he’s seeing anyone special, how big of a role he has in casting the Housewives, his opinions on Jill Zarin, who’s the hottest Housewife, and MUCH more!

Tell Us- Are YOU surprised by any of Andy’s answers?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Andy Cohen: Is He Single? Does He Cast The Housewives?”

  1. I like what Andy says about following you passion, so true. Cultivate your passion as early as you can. Age sneaks up in you along with massive regrets. It’s never to late.

    I also loved Andy’s line …..”Elements of delusion can be fun to watch”. That is so Kenya Moore, the Queen of delusion. Kenya says at 40 she “thinks” she looks as good as she did 20 years ago. Someone needs to give that woman a mirror. That is the most delusional thing I’ve ever heard.

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