Andy Cohen: Almost All Of The Housewives Have Asked Me For A Spin-Off Show


Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is putting rumors to rest that Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is getting her own spin-off show on Bravo in 2015. In an episode of @sk Andy, the executive producer responded, “No” when asked if Judge was offered her own show.

While Andy didn’t elaborate about Tamra, he did discuss what it takes for a Housewife to land a spin-off show, “Someone needs to be going through a serious life transition that will kind of take them out of it. They have to be able to hold their own for an hour, or a half hour. It’s a lot of time.”

“A lot of housewives, almost all have asked me for spinoffs and I always say, ‘You should be so happy to be on this ensemble show. You get paid so well. You all can kind of fall back on each other or rely on each other,’” he said.

“We haven’t done that many [spinoffs],” Andy admitted, then added, “I mean [Real Housewives of] Atlanta we’ve done a bunch, so I’m kind of contradicting myself.”

Photo Credit: Bravo