Andy Cohen Accidentally Tweets Real Housewives Political Beliefs


In a surprising new series of Tweets, Andy Cohen accidentally tweeted (and deleted) who the Real Housewives are voting for in the upcoming Presidential Election.

We have the screen shots of the the ‘Wives political affiliations and the answers might surprise you. “NJ are Trump,” Cohen wrote. “I so don’t care it’s all good. I think all the RHOC are trumpies and g[o]d knows who else. All the RHOA and RHONY are HRC. Most of BH too. I. . .”

Cohen has made his distaste for Trump well known, so that could be an awkward position for the cast of RHONJ and RHOC.

“I actually feel grosser after 50 minutes of [the second presidential debate] than I did after a day of shooting the #RHONJ Reunion last week,” Cohen tweeted on Sunday. “Trump threatening to put [Clinton] in jail was really scary and is haunting me. I’ve seen Housewives talk dirty but this was next level.”

Here are the screen shots of his tweets, courtesy of US Weekly.


Photo Credit: Bravo


70 Replies to “Andy Cohen Accidentally Tweets Real Housewives Political Beliefs”

            1. I’m fine Daisy, getting ready for my brothers visit tomorrow! What are you up to this weekend anything nice?

              1. Have a great time with your brother . I’m waiting for Bear to bring me coffee and breakfast . Then off to ride the Harley . Let’s just hope I’m not rocking Kelly Dudd hair by day’s end lol

                    1. Omg Daisy, reading back my comment, I can
                      See what you mean lol . Not what I meant, I swear. So embarrassing lol ❤️❤️❤️

                    2. Daisy, I agree but Rain your comment was funny not embarrassing! Certainly made me smile this morning! I hadn’t noticed until I read Your comment Daisy so yes you have a dirty mind! Don’t change, ever! Xoxoxoxox

                    3. Suze and Rain you both are so very precious . Rain doll please don’t be embarrassed , it’s my dirt mind not yours

  1. I can’t see Siggy going for Trump she seems more intelligent than the rest of the cast. The others are all idiots so I could see them voting for Trump.

    I wonder who’s the trump supporter in RHOBH, can’t be Vanderpump she’s way to smart for that. Doesn’t seem like Lisa R, or Erika Jayne, I could see Eileen or Kyle going that way though.

    1. I don’t think LVP can vote as she is not an American citizen. I could see Kyle going either way as well. Erika Jayne will probably vote for Clinton. Her hubby is a trial lawyer and the Democrats are very cozy with the trial lawyers. Terese G can’t vote because she is a convicted felon. FYI…I live in Washington DC and and I am in the political business. The woman I work with could give the Housewives a run for their money any day.

    2. Yes of course, all the smart people are voting for Hillary because heck, their tired of this country called America and want it gone just like Hillary said in her OWNED LEAKED EMAILS. Hillary wants our borders dissolved for”global hemispheric economies with over-arching leadership” (i.e. foreigners running the former America, and our pesky Constitution gone.) Look in the mirror before you start calling other people idiots. The Democrats call their voters “useful idiots” for a reason. Hillary is a known liar, probably the most corrupt person to ever run, equal to Obama in her loathing for Americans. Wakeup and stop listening to the corrupt press. The truth is right their in the emails she tried so hard to hide. She is guilty as charged. You don’t hide things you don’t have a reason to.

  2. And I’m sure it is not “all good” with Andy. He always badmouths DJT and ignores the fact that courtesy of Hilary’s leaked emails, we know that her dream is to dissolve our borders. We know also that George Soros directs her. If you don’t know who he is, look him up. It is horrifying.

  3. Hmm the blog is calling it an accident, Andy simply tweeted then deleted the tweets. Is it that hard to understand? lol…….

    1. It’s not just this blog Jake, I saw this story everywhere calling it an accident! There was no accident about it at all he knew just what he was doing, he isn’t stupid, although I’m beginning to think he is becoming very stupid!

  4. Why would you ask NJ any questions they don’t even know who the candidates are. Those are the dumbest group of women in the entire HW’s franchise.

  5. Those “real” housewives have the right to have their political affiliations, no big deal. I am not surprised that the broads from Jersey are Trumpers since all of them seem to have an IQ lower than their bra size, same with the ones from the OC, that county is known to be a hotbed for Conservatives who get baptized every year and brag about family values yet collect marriages and divorces as if they were airline miles and love to get their love tanks filled up frequently, mostly not at the same gas station

    1. So true !…I remember Vicky screaming “because I am a Christian !!!” a few seasons ago … all that while shagging Brooks without being married to him..and now she shagging another guy without the bonds of holy much for family values and the sanctity of marriage

  6. It is understandable that the Jersey women are Trumpers…Teresa was in jail for tax evasion, the others have been through bankruptcies.

    It makes sense at so many levels

  7. I think discussing politics will only get us in trouble here ladies. Some of us may think of each other differently if we know who they’re voting for . So let’s not go down that slippery slope. This election is already ugly and coming to this site is an escape from all that ugliness xoxo

    1. So sensible Rain, never a good idea anyway and this is somewhere to get away from all the ugliness and yes we get it all in Scotland as well! Xoxoxox

      1. Hope you’re having fun with your brother lovely Suze ❤️❤️❤️ are you having nice weather?? I need to go do some grocery shopping before the rain comes back later. It’s a great day for a large pot of chicken vegetable soup 🙂

        1. That sounds good! I have been making them an apple pie, his favourite, they will arrive about 2pm my time tomorrow. Xoxoxoxoxxoxo

                    1. Cream or ice cream? Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. This is the absolute worst election in history…at least in my lifetime. I am no fan of either candidate. I seriously cannot vote for either and dread the fate of this country. We are a laughing stock to the rest of the world with what is going on and being said by these two. Every day I hear something else even worse than the day before.
        I normally am not one to talk politics or religion, but if pressed or if someone says I am a supporter of whomever based on my comment, it is their ignorance, and I should realize that, but I took it as a personal attack the last time it happened.

        Now, I can smell apple pie in the oven…not here, but imagining yours. I am sure your brother will love it and mostly yoir company, Suze. 🙂

          1. I don’t blame him! 😉 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            Oh, my email from All Things is working today for the first time in forever! I just saw your reply in an email! 🙂

          2. I want a slice too Suze ❤️❤️❤️

            Sandy , I actually LOVE talking about politics but what I am lamenting is the complete absence of civility or tolerance for an opposing opinion. What happened to us?? If you as much as utter a criticism of a candidate , their supporters will eviscerate you . It’s gotten so ugly and frightening and it’s longer about having a rational discussion and agreeing to disagree . Whoever disagree , is labeled a traitor , a heathan and who knows what else
            Anyone who reads me here can correctly figure out what my political leanings are but I don’t want to be attacked or hear ugliness .❤️❤️❤️

        1. Couldn’t agree with you more Sandy! I try not to watch anything about it at all. it seems like a real housewives show, with such meanness and name calling. What are you going to do for this country? That is what I want to know. I’m originally from Philly, mostly Dem, but PA can go either way.
          As for this story about Andy, don’t believe it at all.

          1. It is crazy. It seems more about name calling than what can either do for this country. I cannot watch it, but I have seen enough excerpts on the nightly news.

    2. I agree…however, the political leanings if some people can be seen just by reading their comments

      Go Hillary !!!

    3. Absolutely right Rain. My grandfather used to say, don’t discuss politics and religion. I can remember some heated arguments within my family on these 2 points.

      1. vanonna you’re probably too young to remember the 70s . Ive seen and participated in a lot of political things. The difference was it was for love of country , vs now it’s simple love of party . Everybody tows the line

        1. I was a young teenager then and you are right that was the difference then, love of country……….the last time I can recall that was that terrible day – September 11th. Sad that everyone is for themselves anymore.

  8. I don’t blame him! 😉 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Oh, my email from All Things is working today for the first time in forever! I just saw your reply in an email! 🙂

  9. Andy, I used to enjoy and actually tape your show. Since you got more and more political I no longer even want to watch it.

  10. Well, in lieu of how nasty things tend to get when people start throwing out political propaganda and blatant untruth, why don’t we just have some fun instead and bring this back to the vein of Reality TV in all it’s decadent, ultra-glam glory? In my mind, we actually have people like The Candidate Formerly Known as The Donald (and his contemporaries at the time like ole lady Zsa Zsa Gabor) to thank for the advent of the rich and ultra powerful being followed by cameras 24/7- all to be served up for entertainment TV. Who can forget forget the 80’s, & how fabulous Wife#1 Ivana was- and in terms of understanding the kind of mentality that drives the Real UES
    Housewife archetype ( an archetype we now watch every season courtesy of Bravo), who better than Cindy Adams to give us the play by play? I love the intro tag, “Bigger than Dynasty, Badder than Dallas, and Spicier Than General Hospital! ”

    I can visualize a young Andy in his CBS News days soaking up all that New York Captain of Industry blabber jabber, notes being imprinted on his mental hard drive -to later become the seeds and partial inspiration for him creating the vehicle that would tap into the microcosm of affluent lifestyle in all it’s gory detail, Real Housewives, tee hee hee…

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