Andy Cohen Accidentally Tweets Real Housewives Political Beliefs


In a surprising new series of Tweets, Andy Cohen accidentally tweeted (and deleted) who the Real Housewives are voting for in the upcoming Presidential Election.

We have the screen shots of the the ‘Wives political affiliations and the answers might surprise you. “NJ are Trump,” Cohen wrote. “I so don’t care it’s all good. I think all the RHOC are trumpies and g[o]d knows who else. All the RHOA and RHONY are HRC. Most of BH too. I. . .”

Cohen has made his distaste for Trump well known, so that could be an awkward position for the cast of RHONJ and RHOC.

“I actually feel grosser after 50 minutes of [the second presidential debate] than I did after a day of shooting the #RHONJ Reunion last week,” Cohen tweeted on Sunday. “Trump threatening to put [Clinton] in jail was really scary and is haunting me. I’ve seen Housewives talk dirty but this was next level.”

Here are the screen shots of his tweets, courtesy of US Weekly.


Photo Credit: Bravo