Ana Quincoces Speaks Out After Fight With Lea Black At RHOM Reunion!


The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Reunion left viewers quite confused after it aired. The fight between Ana Quincoces and Lea Black was clearly edited, and viewers were left with unanswered questions. We exclusively reported what happened at the Reunion that wasn’t shown, to read more about that click here. Now, for the first time since the Reunion aired, Ana Quincoces is speaking out in an exclusive interview with Daisy Olivera at The Daisy Column! Check out her interview below!

DAISY: How were you put in a position to have to research and gather that huge file of information on Lea Black? You two never really interacted or had any drama during the entire season!

AQ: The week before the taping of the reunion, I heard from many different sources, including two other housewives, that Lea was gunning for me hard – personally and professionally – and I should prepare. I don’t draw first blood. She attacked me twice and I retaliated.

DAISY: Just as it made no sense for Lea to repeatedly try to trash Marysol, this made even less sense. There was no conflict between the two of you that we ever saw. It seemed to me you two spoke, what, three times the entire season?

AQ: The only thing I can imagine is that Lea felt threatened. On social media, viewers had dubbed me the “thinking woman’s housewife” and the “voice of reason” and that clearly upset her. I don’t pretend to be the youngest or most beautiful. For God’s sake, there’s a 30-year old supermodel in the cast. To me it’s important to bring levity and resolution to a situation. In the first season, Lea boasted that she was the only “intelligent one” and the “voice of reason.” But once I came on board she looked like a cackling hen. I never raised my voice, only spoke when necessary or when it was important or added value, like speaking up at and then leaving the dinner at Thomas Kramer’s. I didn’t waste words on unimportant things.

DAISY: What did you mean when you said to her, “to whom much is given, much is expected?”

AQ: She was vicious in her attempt to ruin Marysol Patton’s business, and I was suggesting that she should use whatever influence she thinks she has for good and not evil.

DAISY: Why do you think Lea tried to attack you? You’re way too fast on your feet. It’s like trying to out-funny Letterman.

AQ:  In addition to being threatened, it seems that Lea attacks the Cuban girls on the show. Last season it was Cristy Rice. This season it was Marysol. And I guess it was my turn during the reunion. But her plan backfired. (Laughs) Now she knows she picked on the wrong Cuban.

DAISY: How has your opinion of Lea Black changed since you first met her at the start of the season?

AQ: I didn’t know her before the show, but now I’m convinced that she is devious and a master manipulator.

DAISY: What would you say to Roy Black now after the reunion?

AQ:  I have nothing to say to him.

DAISY: What do you expect from this week’s upcoming Reunion Part 2 on Thursday?

AQ: I’m not sure what they will show. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Photo Credit: Bravo