Ana Quincoces, “Rodolfo Isn’t Good Enough For Karent!” Plus- Ana Clears Up The Text Message Accusations!

Real Housewives of Miami’s Ana Quincoces is taking to her Bravo Blog to tell viewers she feels “vindicated” after Thursday’s episode. Karent’s boyfriend, Rodolfo, was caught cheating on Karent with a 24 year-old woman named, Ana. Earlier in the Season Ana was being accused of texting Rodolfo when she wasn’t, and it turns out it was his secret girlfriend who was sending the texts, and he was blaming it on Ana Quincoces. Ana goes on to explain that Rodolfo didn’t deserve the air-time he got on RHOM, and that he isn’t good enough for Karent! Read more below!

Ana writes, “Ah, the infamous “cast trip.” We have seen every city embark on one. Housewives have traveled far and wide from Kenya to Ojai all seeking the same thing: healing. After enduring months of filming, a little healing trip is just what the doctor ordered. But is true healing possible? Can we really heal the wounds that we either deliberately or negligently inflicted upon each other throughout the course of this season? Call me cynical, call me jaded, but I was not optimistic. I’m not sure there are enough Band-Aids in the western hemisphere to stop the bleeding of our gaping wounds, but (for the most part), we tried.

Bimini is an idyllic setting. It’s so close to home and yet seems thousands of miles away. What a shame that the weather did not cooperate. Elsa’s prediction was eerily accurate.

I was surprised to hear Alexia telling Lea that she had something to discuss with her. I would have expected her to share that with me first since it dealt with something I had been accused of early in the season. The first time I heard of it was when she told all of us while we were getting ready in the bathroom.

To find out that Rodolfo was carrying on with another woman in Mexico did not come as a shock to me. I had used air quotes all season when referring to their “relationship” because the whole thing seemed like a farce. I always assumed that they had agreed to feign a relationship because it would make good TV. After seeing Karent’s reaction, I believe I may have been wrong about her participation in the charade or perhaps she agreed to it in the hopes that he would fall in love with her. It seems that Karent is/was in love with Rodolfo, and while the information was harsh to deliver and process, I believe it ultimately contributed to her decision to end the relationship. I am happy for her. Rodolfo is not good enough for any woman and he’s received more airtime than he deserves.

When Alexia disclosed that Rodolfo’s new love interest was a 24 year old named “Ana” I felt some vindication. After all, I had been accused of texting someone when I didn’t, and mockingly described as an “older woman” all in the first episode! Needless to say, compared to a 24 year old, we are all a bunch of hags. To say there was a bit of poetic justice in this new development, is quite the understatement. To relish in it at someone else’s expense is not my style, and as you can see by my facial expressions and reactions, there was nothing about that confrontation that I enjoyed. I won’t waste valuable blog space to Karent’s reaction to this information, as it was consistent with all of her previous reactions. Makes you wonder if a river cruise through Egypt would have been a more appropriate cast trip.”

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Photo Credit: Ana Quincoces


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