Ana Quincoces & Marysol Patton Demoted To ‘Friends Of The Housewives!’


The Real Housewives of Miami are currently filming Season 3, and it looks like Bravo has implemented another cast shake-up. As we reported, Karent Sierra will not be returning to the show, and Mr. Housewife at RumorFix reports Ana Quincoces has been demoted to a ‘Friend of The Housewives,’ along with her good friend Marysol Patton. Does this mean we won’t see as much of Mama Elsa?!

So this leaves Adriana de Moura, Lea Black, Lisa Hochstein, and Joanna Krupa as full-time Housewives of Miami, and according to rumors, Bravo may bring on some new faces in Season 3! We will be keeping you updated with cast changes!

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9 Replies to “Ana Quincoces & Marysol Patton Demoted To ‘Friends Of The Housewives!’”

  1. First, I love RHOM. I love when they enter new women on all of the different cities. However, Marysol, Mama Elsa, and Ana are my favorites. I can see why they were demoted to “just friends” because they don’t bring the drama and degrade themselves. But why Lisa?? Boring! Can’t wait to see Miami.

  2. So glad to hear about Ana. I find her to be an annoying old boring bully acting out for thr camera. The scenes with her girls and akward ex were either cringe worthy or a snoozefest. Good riddance.

  3. I hope this is not true. Ana is the only one who doesn’t take Lea’s bullsh#t. She became my favorite after that Thomas Kraemar dinner. Mama Elsa is the best, so I am sad Marysol might get demoted. Lea, Elaine Lancaster, Thomas Kraemar, and Joe Francis were too trashy in a dated way last season.

  4. Awww. Two of my favorites. Maybe Mama Elsa is getting her own show and they are spending the other part of the time appearing on her show.

  5. I wouldn’t worry about not seeing as much Mama Elsa. We saw a lot of Alexia last season even though she was just a “friend”. As much as I like Marysol, I’m sure her only role next season will be to facilitate the cast interacting with Elsa; Marysol isn’t that dynamic on her own.

    I like the idea of promoting Alexia back to a full castmember. If Anna is a “friend”, she’s clearly there to be the one who brings the dramatics, which she showed she’s capable of on the reunion.

    I’m hoping we see Adrianna v. Lea next season. That would be the sort of intense storyline that could finally bring the series some success.

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