Ana Quincoces Explains What Really Happened With Lea Black At The RHOM Reunion!

Ana Quincoces

Real Housewives of Miami’s Ana Quincoces is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain the FULL story about what happened with Lea Black at the Reunion. Their now infamous feud involving unseen footage and a folder with mysterious documents has had viewers very intrigued. Ana explains what led up to their fight at the Reunion, how much of the footage we didn’t see, why she feels the way she does about Lea, and much more!

“Whether in the courtroom or in the kitchen I bring the heat.” “The thought of having one particular tagline define me or any of the ladies on this show always seemed a bit simplistic. I found solace in that the message was mostly positive albeit a little silly. Asking someone to look away if they don’t like your smile or announcing that you don’t deal with stupid speaks volumes and could not have painted a more accurate picture of what was in store this season.

So many people were surprised to see the dramatic fallout at the reunion between Lea and myself. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Lea and I interacted very little on the show save for the Marysol debacle. I never felt I had much in common with Lea and for that reason kept my distance. I always got the impression that she was all “smoke and mirrors” as I said many times. She wanted people to buy into this persona and she tooted her own horn incessantly. Nothing about that particularly bothered me. I just kind of found her to be an odd yet amusing bird.

Weeks before the reunion I started hearing that Lea was boasting about town that she was “coming after me at the reunion.” I was taken aback because we had never had much conflict. I knew she was upset about my defending Marysol but there was certainly no need for retaliation of that magnitude. There is a saying in Spanish, “Guerra avisada no mata soldados.” It means that when you announce a war ahead of time you don’t get to kill any soldiers. And so I prepared. This soldier would not go down without a fight. It didn’t take very long and I didn’t resort to unethical means or ultra-sleuthing to discover anything. It was all there for the taking to anyone who spent a few minutes researching. I tucked all my findings neatly into the now infamous file folder and hoped I wouldn’t have to use it.

The reunion was sure to be a long and draining experience and I arrived at 7 AM as requested. I spoke to no one the night before except Joanna who came to my room to discuss jewelry and wardrobe. About 20 minutes before I went on set I was again reminded that Lea was “gunning” for me. I took my file sat in my designated spot (on the most uncomfortable couch in the western hemisphere) and hid my file behind a throw pillow. Within the first 3 minutes Lea attacked me without being provoked. Twice. The first thing she said (quite aggressively) was that my husband (now ex) has been sleeping around for years. I was not sure how that was a character flaw on my part. After all, even if that were true it certainly can’t be imputed on me. She then corrected herself when I reminded her that we had been separated for two years. She backpedaled and retracted saying that she never said “cheating.” Sleeping around = cheating no? Thesaurus? So that was the big plan of attack she had spent weeks boasting about? She then took out what she believed was her piece de resistance; the dig about the little “mortgages at US Century Bank.” To which I retorted by pulling out my file. What occurred after that was a cross-examination never before seen on a reunion show; so unexpected and full of interesting information that the other cast members were rendered speechless. Where, how, why? Good question. Stay tuned for that story.

What you did see were bits and pieces of a very angry Ana and a very stunned Lea, a Lea who never expected certain information to be divulged. Sadly, the whole situation could have been avoided had she not bragged repeatedly about her reunion take-down. It became a domino effect. The thought of Lea’s audacity brought to the surface a lot of the things she had done and said all season long both in and outside the purview of the camera: Her never ending desire to damage Marysol’s business, her questionable friends, her constant digs followed by “JUST KIDDING!”, her incessant name dropping, the disparaging manner with which she “handled” her husband (unless a camera was present), and finally, her ever shifting alliances on the show. One minute Lisa is a dumb wannabe philanthropist, the next she is her spiritual adviser and fertility cheerleader. One moment Karent is an annoying chatterbox and tool, the next she is the victim of unrequited love and the “mean girls”. Is anyone buying this? Anyone besides her hired guns and diligent blog posters? I think not.

Lea’s pattern of retraction, her disclaimers like “that is not my recollection”, her tired overly rehearsed little lines about not “building her life into the camera but rather building the camera nto her life”, are a testament to her pattern of finding the proverbial escape route. Intelligent people don’t buy things like “my reasons are both qualified and quantified” because the statement is both nonsensical and laughable. People are smarter than Lea thinks — both her cast mates and the viewers. She did not fool anyone.

I will not spend too much time on the “socially awkward” comment as it was the subject of many interviews I’ve done and practically trended on Twitter. I know most of you who post here know what really happened and perhaps even feel a little embarrassed that it was the viewers and not I who dubbed RJ that. Had Lea really thought I was referring to her son she would have lunged across the cocktail table at me. She sprung to her feet for far less at least 10 times during the taping. So many times in fact, that Andy had to ask her repeatedly to take a seat. The fact that she now uses her 10 year old son as a scape goat to garner the sympathy of the viewers after spending an entire two seasons in a vicious and bigoted attempt to attack and discredit the Cuban girls on the show is pathetic.

Is it a coincidence that every girl that Lea has attacked is a Cuban girl? Cristy Rice during Season 1, Marysol during both seasons, and me during the reunion? I think not.  She stood idly by while Alexia’s Cuban husband was being badmouthed, but stood up and defended Thomas Kramer, a misogynist who has acted in a despicable manner for many years. Yes, I was angry and reminded Lea that at her age she needs to behave and not be a disingenuous hypocrite. But, if you watched closely throughout the season, I rarely became involved in any of the petty drama. I spoke up when it was necessary and made a difference (i.e. Thomas Kramer). I stood by and defended my friends. I had the same friends at the beginning of the season as I had at the end. I opened myself and my life up to the viewers at the risk of falling flat on my face — even enduring being called a fool for mourning the loss of my 23 year marriage. I was honest, I was open, and I was real.

Looking back on the season there are some things I may have done differently. Looking back on the reunion there is so much more I wish you had seen. What you saw was a microcosm of the 10 hours we filmed. Had you seen it all, everything would be much clearer for you.

I’m glad the viewers saw my wonderful family this year — my beautiful girls Kati and Beba, both of whom are well on their way to success — Kati will be starting law school in the fall, and Beba will graduate next year at the top of her class from the University of Miami with a degree in Motion Pictures. And they both are great cooks, chips off the “old” block.”

I just want to add that I believe we will see what was in the folder… eventually. There were lawyers involved after Ana revealed the documents at the Reunion, and she is having to jump through hoops before she can explain what really happened. That was the latest I knew, I will keep you updated as always!


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11 Replies to “Ana Quincoces Explains What Really Happened With Lea Black At The RHOM Reunion!”

  1. Ana you are a very smart lady as well as a good mom to 2 wonderful daughters, However it was hard to watch you go after a mature women on national t.v. making negative comments base on age..We as women need to embrace our age.

    1. I really ind Ana to be an idiot I can’t believe she got into law school. the nasty things she said to lea made Ana look evil…it did not make lea look bad. in fact I still am unclear why Ana hates lea? Ana is one of those women who embarrass our gender. your girls r not great…

  2. this was okay until you insinuated Leas a bigot. pulling out the racecard. it’s old, you lose credibility when you use it. get a grip. you’re from Miami. therefore lea is surrounded by Cubans, so deals with a lot of people of a cuban decent. her experiences shape her opinions and actions. do you think you’re so innocent? should lea then treat you different because you’re Cuban? girl, please.

  3. I am right there with you, Ana, until you made fun of Lea’s age. You degraded your own argument that way. Keep it classy and you will always win.

  4. I agree Ana you are smart. There was something about Lea that didn’t seem right to meet. Thanks for verbalizing what I was thinking. Saying that Lea is going after Cuban girls is not bigoted. I would say it something akin to saying she goes after Southern girls or Ivy League girls.

  5. Ana caught my attention when she stood up for herself at Thomas Kramer’s deplorable dinner party. She is an educated, intellgent women who taught her daughters and I hope all women, that we should stand up, be heard and WALK OUT when men try to bully, intimidate and try to make us irrelevant. And let’s not forget what Lea and all the other women did. NOTHING. And I don’t care that it was his house.Who raised this man and all the others sitting there that when two women were verbally attacked that it’s acceptable and even laughable behavior! And people feel sorry for Lea? Please! Lea should be setting an example BECAUSE of her age instead of acting the mean girl role. Ana, is a women I respect and wish could be friends with!

  6. You just answered my question… I lost all respect for you. I thought Lea said something about your daughters. In fact , it was you repeating what the “veiwers” said about her son…(didn’t read that) what a shame. I thought you were protecting your children so I was standing beside you. Not the case !!! I will not watch grown adults picking children apart. omg!!!! what a disappointment

  7. I want to believe you, but your “mean girl” actions throughout the entire season towards Karent make YOU appear disingenuous. I’m not a big Lea fan either, but she didn’t throw around petty insults about your age. Btw, you’re not so young yourself, honey. All you RHOM women do to one another is tear each other down….pathedic.

  8. Ana,

    Your comments about Lea’s age are unacceptable – you are no spring chicken and one day you will be even older and all these nasty comments will come back to you!

    1. I agree Ana was totally out of order: constantly referring to Lea’s she as though it is a sin to be old? Should younger cast members like Lisa and Joanna be insulting her? Her entire premise was crazy and wrapped, and she calls herself a lawyer?
      I understand why she never made it far in the legal profession (. More conveyancing clerk) is all she will ever be! No wider she is jealous of Lea & lea’s husband: a successful lawyer by all accounts.
      She is extremely envious: insulting Lea (she married well) so? Well done to Lea obviously she deserves it.
      Ana is nasty spiteful and evil, her ghastly daughters are ugly inside out. Like Alexis who’ son is evil ( beating a homeless ) nasty like mummy dearest!?

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