Ana Quincoces Discusses Thomas Kramer!

After the dinner party from hell on The Real Housewives of Miami, Ana Quincoces is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss what happened, and how she felt after watching the episode. She talks about the way Thomas Kramer treated her, how she handled the situation, and her decision to leave the dinner. Read what Ana said below!

Ana writes, “A popular Cuban “dicho” (saying) is dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres. Which means tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. One would be hard pressed to find a situation where this is more poignant.

This season, there have been moments that have made me smile, others that have made me cringe, and even some that have made me more than a little proud. I will take permission to relish in that pride because I earned it.

I have never had anything handed to me. Everything I have, I earned as a result of my own hard work and perseverance. I am not criticizing those who have been handed silver platters galore, I am just pointing out that I’m not one of them. Hard work builds character, plain and simple. One of the reasons I enjoy Lisa so much is because she makes no qualms about her lifestyle and acknowledges that she lives a privileged life because she was lucky enough to fall in love with a gifted plastic surgeon. She told me the story of her grandmother’s premonition about her living a charmed life and how it turned out to be true. I am happy for Lisa and have always appreciated her honesty. But she knows who she is – she knows what her strengths are and uses them accordingly.

I have never judged a man by the size of his wallet. What’s more, there is rarely a correlation between one’s bank account and one’s contribution to this planet. I am afraid for those who believe there is. I am humored by those who claim to have standards and a code of behavior and then flounder all over the place seeking acceptance (and perhaps a potential defendant) by trying to provide the popular opinion. You’re not irreverent and clever by being loud and overbearing; you are just loud and overbearing.

Viewers are smarter than people give them credit for. They see through the false adulation, the contrived friendships, and the faux wisdom. People know the difference between those of us who have “done the work,” and those of us who are just pimping silly wares for the sake of vanity in an embarrassingly amateurish “Trumpesque” manner.

A quick google search of our illustrious dinner host will reveal all the reasons why no one should willingly socialize with him.  I only wish I had done the research sooner. A quick perusal of a self-created and self-promoted pilot shows Mr. Kramer proudly stating “Marriage is for people who can’t afford a housekeeper or a prostitute” and his daughter Joya sharing that her father is “attention-seeking, pathetic, and embarrassing” and “hosts pimp and swinger parties”. Did someone call this man “gracious”?

I don’t believe there was a choice involved in my decision to leave that dinner party. It was the ONLY decision and the only choice for a mother whose daughters deem her a role model.

Thanks for watching and for the hundreds of supportive tweets and emails. I will always strive to handle the situations with which I am faced with grace and dignity. I may not always succeed, but I will never stop trying.”

Lea Black also had a lot to say about Ana and her family after the incident at Thomas’ house. She wrote in her Bravo Blog, “And of course, more “Karentland” bashing by Ana. Always so gratuitous with her uncalled for malicious gossip. Relevance, anyone? And she pointed out Karent “won’t hang out with just anyone, only people that bring her attention,” as she continues to  bad mouth TK while entering his home and drinking his $1,000 a bottle wine and eating his home cooked gourmet meal. And she was so “offended” by his asking us all to change the subject and have a good time. I’m trying to distinguish between  being judgmental about a dinner party where adults speak about problems and conflict versus a dinner table where families talk about “a— sex” and “com— on girls” and “barbeque on p—-s.” I’m just glad TK didn’t mention “wiping his —,” “picking his nose,” and “someone’s v—–” before preparing the meal. Confused anyone? Real outrage or phony outrage?

And what was the offending joke that so outraged “poor little” Ana? TK asked Lisa if she had trouble stuffing her boobs in that dress. Now you have all seen and heard Lisa during this series… do you think for a second she was offended? Much of her conversation is about her boobs. Her home is the “house that boobs built.” Just check out her tagline. Let’s get serious here. Lisa is proud of her figure and how her husband designed it. And why shouldn’t she be? This is phony outrage if I have ever seen it.”

Tell Us- Do you believe Ana did the right thing by leaving? Is Lea out of line for what she said about Ana?

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6 Replies to “Ana Quincoces Discusses Thomas Kramer!”

  1. You did what all of us viewers hoped one of you ladies would do at TK’s dinner party. Walk the f out! What a complete waste of space that man is. Nice to see you keep it real, keep it in perspective, and keep above the fray. You’re a smart lady and in that moment–earned my respect.

  2. If I was in your position I will have done exactly the same thing. The guy was rude, offensive and his behavior is erratic all the time. He looks like somebody that abuses prescription medicine. There is nothing classy, fabulous or interesting about this guy. I’m glad you left, why waste your time in the house of a rude, class less, drunk. Good for you Ana.

  3. I am so happy you left that party. TK is crude and only gets away with it because he has money, and some people (LB) are stupid enough to deal with him. Thank You for not being that person.

  4. I do not view the issues between AQ and LB as black and white. Re dinner party- Yes, TK is crude. However, AQ was gossiping and being rude. I find it very hypercritical for AQ to pull the feminist card, only to turn around and go after Lea Black using the sex/age ist put downs. Really, they are all awful. At the end of the day, all of these woman make us feel better about ourselves.

  5. I really thought that Ana was out of line with the age comments. If she was looking to take the high road…. she took a wrong turn…..

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